LJ Rich

Musical Expert

LJ Rich is a musical expert who also shows passion for technology, social media, television and science.

From the age of three, LJ Rich sat at the piano, playing stuff she heard from the radio – with both hands, complete with chords.

She couldn’t reach the pedals till around three years later. Aged eleven, she was awarded a scholarship to the Royal College of Music.

She then went on to complete a degree in Music at Christ Church College, Oxford, and has since sound engineered for Pete Waterman, toured the USA in a Rock Opera band, and played the piano in front of a wide range of audiences from concert halls and corporate balls to Brian May and Bruce Dickinson.

LJ regularly writes and presents for national television and radio, explaining trends and concepts in technology, social media and consumer electronics.

LJ listens to pretty much every musical genre, and can talk for ages about the parallels between classical and contemporary music, the power of twitter, and the joy of good science fiction.

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