Kevin Alderton


A truly amazing motivational speaker Kevin Alderton proves that tragedy and disability do not have to stop you from achieving your dreams. A powerful after dinner speaker Alderton was left totally blind after a vicious attack whilst living in London, now a record breaking blind skier, captivating sports speaker and accomplished businessman, Kevin Alderton is an inspiration to us all.

Originally a member of the British armed forces Kevin Alderton was at the peak of his physical condition when, after stepping in to prevent a young woman from being assaulted one evening in North London, Alderton became the subject of a violent attack by a large group of drunks. After seven months of rehabilitation Kevin was forced to accept that he would spend the rest of his life with less than 4% of his vision remaining; now facing a truly uncertain future Kevin left the army and, refusing to be held down by his physical limitations, has gone on to become a role model for disabled people around the world.

An avid sportsman Kevin Alderton broke world records when he took up skiing, in spite of his blindness Kevin became an accomplished skier and broke blind ski records when he achieved speeds of more than 100mph. Finding confidence in his sporting abilities Kevin Alderton has gone on to work prolifically as a motivational speaker for Disability Sport and the Paralympics, his devastating story drives home the prospect that such life changing and debilitating incidents can happen to anyone, whilst his determination and achievements prove that such tragedies need not mark the end of one’s ambition.

Open and honest about the long and difficult journey through rehabilitation and consequently coming to terms with his disability Kevin Alderton’s work as an after dinner speaker is truly moving. His personality, a determined yet down to earth individual, comes through in all of his work as a motivational speaker at it is the individuality of Kevin himself that make his presentations so fascinating and memorable.

An ideal motivational speaker for disabled people and those struggling to achieve their dreams Kevin Alderton shows that ambition and determination can enable one to achieve anything.

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When at corporate events, Kevin is known to cover the following topics:

  • Personal Development
  • Motivation
  • Sporting Success
  • Overcoming Adversity