Dave Spikey

Writer of 'Pheonix Nights'

Dave Spikey, born David Gordon Bramwell, is the stage name for British writer, comedian speaker and actor who is probably best known for his role in Phoenix Nights which he co-wrote with fellow comedian Peter Kay.

A qualified bio-mechanic Spikey began his career as a comedian speaker with a group of other medical professionals all working out of the Bolton General Hospital; however he did not achieve large public success until the late 1990’s when Spikey was already nearly 50.

His television career began as a game show host and compere; he did not release his first DVD as a stand-up comedian until 2005, following the success of Phoenix Nights. Spikey’s other efforts as a comedian speaker and writer have as yet been unable to reach the heights of popularity obtained by Phoenix Nights, however he is still a very popular event host and entertainment speaker at many fringe events.

His recognizable style of humor, distinctive Northern accent and stripped back production style mark Spikey as an unusual performer, yet his stand-up comedy performances are no less brilliant than his more traditional contemporaries.

For those looking for an intelligent and individual entertainment speaker Dave Spikey could provide the perfect comedy performance for your event or function.

As a comedian speaker or guest performer Spikey himself is popular with audiences, he remains personable despite his notoriety and he is known for his animal rights activism, particularly for the charity the League Against Cruel Sports.

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“Stole the show.  The very best example of observational wit and northern humour we’ve ever had at the Chateau.  Funny from start to finish.” – Chateau Impney