Andy Lopata


Networking expert and business management speaker Andy Lopata has worked for and with some of the biggest companies in the UK; he has experience as an after dinner speaker and as a business strategist providing guidance for both big businesses and individual managers alike.

Beginning life as a businessman Andy Lopata quickly realised the under-utilised nature of business networking, now a respected business speaker Andy has developed a schematic for helping businesses, team leaders and managers develop the networking potential of their staff. His work as a keynote speaker highlights not only the importance of networking for career development but also the positive impact it can have upon business growth.

Whether it is to garner lead generation, encourage team work, build sales or recruit new staff networking, Andy asserts, is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes. His work as a business management speaker demonstrates to business leaders how they can improve their own networking skills and how to develop their networking opportunities.

His business speaker presentations not only highlight the importance of networking but also provide business leaders with the tools with which to develop their own networking abilities; providing tips and solving common networking issues, Andy has appeared at after dinner speaker events across the UK and worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Natwest Bank, Merrill Lynch and Mastercard.

As well as working as a keynote speaker Andy is also a published author co-writing several books on the subject of networking and staff development; his work as a business management speaker is further complimented by his regular contribution to print media and journalism; with a dedicated section in the online publication The Huffington Post Andy can also boast quotations in The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

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