Richard Watson


Richard Watson is a distinguished futurist who has worked with brands such as Coca Cola and Samsung, spoken and lectured at The University of Cambridge, Imperial College and Ministry of Defence, as well as contributed to major international publications including Fast Company in the US and the Retail Banking Review in Australia.

Over the course of a fascinating career as a futurist, Watson has helped organisations to think about future trends, technologies, customer needs and innovation. Covering sectors from retail to banking and beyond, Watson composes presentations that challenge the status quo and theorize about the future.

Books by Watson include, Future Files: 5 Trends for the Next 50 Years, Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, The Future: 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know, Future Vision: Scenarios for the World in 2040 and Digital Versus Human.

Often found to be blogging about robotics, artificial intelligence, education, energy, emerging technology and much more, on his own website and for publications including Fast Company Magazine, Future Orientation and What Matters, Watson helps map out the future for all industries, as a keynote speaker and scenario planning consultant.

Offering a detailed dissection of the way digitalisation and technology is changing and will continue to change our future, Watson offers compelling presentations that concentrate on actionable advice and strategies that can be drawn out to fulfill the demands of the changing environments.

Able to provide board level briefings, offer workshops, trend research and risk and opportunity mapping, Watson covers a broad range of areas, with the aim of preparing companies to think with fresh perspective on the future of their own industry.

He has worked for the Strategic Trends Unit for the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office and the Department of Education, as well as private firms such as the RAND Corporation. He is also a prominent lecturer at Imperial College London and the London Business School.

Known for his thought-provoking, innovative and high-energy presentations, Watson commands a room with authority and charisma. One of the finest strategic forecasters and futurists in the UK today, for a future proof business plan, Richard Watson is your man.

To book Richard Watson as the futurism speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency.

Richard Watson is able to discuss a number of topics as a keynote speaker; these include:

  • Future Trends
  • Customer Needs
  • The Digital Age
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Branding
  • Strategic Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence

See what people had to say about Richard, when he appeared at their corporate events:

“A class act.” – Lloyd’s (Insurance)

“Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.” – London Business School

“Watson made it for me.” – WorkTech

“Well researched, really informative and well presented.”– McDonald’s

“You have just the right level of disdain for your subject to make it thoroughly engaging.” – Coca-Cola