Simon Walker

Technology & Business Expert

Simon Walker is an expert in change. Making change happen, dealing with changes you can’t control, and embracing change as an opportunity rather than a problem. Within this he looks at leadership, teams, high performance, talent, technology and the future.

The only certainty in business and life is change, and today many feel the rate of change, especially in areas around technology, is more rapid and more intimidating than ever. Simon considers what the future holds. He looks at the future of work and the workplace; how the expectations of employees are changing and will continue to, what that means, how businesses will cope, and the implications for recruitment and development. He also examines the leaders of the future; their challenges, their attitudes, their priorities and their methods. As well as looking at the so-called Generations Y and Z as customers and future employees, he asks what they have to teach businesses about agility, technology and reputation.

As well as the theory, Simon has also practised. Starting out in computer engineering, he set up a women’s clothing business. Enjoying the entrepreneurial journey he went on to found consultancy talentsmoothie which specialises in employee and organisational development, and my360plus, a leadership and coaching service. With both of these businesses Simon also applied some of the lessons in leadership and high performance teams he experienced first hand as a yachtsman and leading expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

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