Peter Cochrane OBE

Former Chief BT Technologist

Peter Cochrane is a British technologist, futurist and innovation expert, and is the former Chief BT Technologist. With over forty years of experience, Peter has worked with software, hardware, programming and adaptive system design and operations, and acts as an engineering and development consultant for some of the biggest brands across four continents. He has played an integral role in the development of some of the most important digital technology of today, such as ecommerce, mobile networks and optical fibre.

However, this leading technologist has worked hard to earn his place amongst the heavyweights of the technology industry, from his humble beginnings digging ditches for The Post Office. It was during this time however that he gained an interest in technology, and joined college to study the industry. He gained a PhD in technology development, and was appointed as the University of Bristol’s first professor of science and technology. He joined the British telecoms giant BT as a base level of lineman, but with his managerial skills and tech expertise, quickly worked his way up to R and D engineer, and then onto CTO.

With his experience in managerial roles and consultancy, and expansive expertise in engineering, Peter has also released several books on futurism, market longevity and the development of artificial life and mobility. He states that his primary focus has always been and remains the solving of problems and creating wealth through new technologies and business ventures, and has an interest in the development of artificial life. Through this, he is exploring the future of healthcare and the development of medical and life-support technology.

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When at corporate events, Peter is known to cover the following topics:

  • Business Speaker
  • Technology Speaker
  • Business Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Digital & Online Business

“Great presentation – very thought provoking and entertaining.” – Microsoft