Dr Kevin Fong

Science & Technology Expert & Broadcaster

A pre-eminent technology speaker, Kevin Fong is a doctor of medicine who also holds a special interest in human space exploration and extreme environment physiology. Holding degrees in medicine, astrophysics and engineering, you can be sure that Kevin will never be stuck on a topic of thought. Kevin’s reputable knowledge of medicine and science has led to him also regularly featuring on programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC.

An innovative keynote speaker and after dinner speaker, Kevin engages and compels guests with his diverse areas of expertise as well as an enthusiastic and passionate delivery of talks whenever technology is concerned. Interacting with guests during his talks, Kevin enjoys involving listeners with the subjects he enjoys so much.

Kevin’s résumé has led to him appearing on a multitude of television shows and documentaries. In 2012, Fong acted as TV Presenter for Channel 4’s Extreme A&E as well as writing and presenting BBC’s Space Shuttle – The Final Mission. Currently working as a consultant anaesthetist at University College London Hospital, Kevin’s work knows no bounds and highlights his commitment to all areas of his skill set whilst always furthering his career.

Kevin has studied and carried out research in a number of countries all around the world, proving testament to his reputation as one of the best minds on the after dinner speaker and TV Presenter circuit. Kevin is happy to tailor his content as a technology speaker to suit any client’s needs or audience members.

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