Dave Coplin

Author, Alchemist, Catalyst Founder and CEO, The Envisioners

Dave is invited to speak worldwide for a wide range of companies, including in law, finance, banks, engineering, construction, schools and universities, food and drink, tech, and many more.

His thorough approach to tailoring his presentations is reflected in the excellent feedback. Dave has a tell-it-as-he-sees-it style and a light-hearted approach. He inspires, enthuses and entertains his audiences. He helps them to think differently and creatively.

His mission is to make people reconsider their relationship with technology and how it can help them work smarter, not harder. Dave’s work as a published thought leader allows him to begin a new conversation with audiences to resonate at all levels about the changing nature of work, which requires greater flexibility, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

His clients include Google, Facebook, Vodafone, Dropbox, Connect Plus M25, UBM, New Civil Engineer, CIPD, Communisis, The Law Society, London Business Forum, Richmond Housing Partnership, MCA Insight, Pancreatic Cancer UK, Baillie Gifford, Richmond Events, Gladstone Software, PHD Dubai, The Economist, Mizuho International Bank, Business Centre Association, Mind The Product, Association of Relocation Professionals, Public Service Manager’s Association, Lucy Cavendish College (University of Cambridge) and Nickelodeon.

In December 2017, Dave is invited to open, and to close, the Children’s Global Media Summit over three days in Manchester UK. HRH Prince William is the keynote speaker on Day Two of this important, global event.

Technology geekdom is in Dave’s DNA. A life-long Star Trek fan, he is a former Crystal Maze winner: these attributes all combine to create this friendly, approachable, optimistic, beardy, pony-tailed alchemist.

With over 25 years in the technology industry (and via his former “day job” as “Chief Envisioning Officer” at Microsoft) Dave is at the forefront of conversations on how individuals and organisations could benefit from the transformational potential that technology offers, rather than simply using it to do the same things, but only slightly better.

At Destination Star Trek, he took to the stage on a subject close to his heart – how technology, and even innovations referenced in Star Trek, are being brought to life now, changing the way we live and work forever.

One of the most influential people in the digital industry, he was nominated as one of the Drum’s Digerati (2013, 2014) BIMA’s Hot 100 (2013) and the Digital Marketing Show’s “Class of 2014”.

Bringing new and exciting thinking to the world of work, Dave’s books Business Reimagined and discuss the need to rethink how we use technology to make it work for us, not against us. The books sold over 12,500 copies last year and Dave is working on his next book.

The Rise of the Humans (2014) shines a light on the deluge of digital information which surrounds us in work and in life, threatening to overwhelm us. Dave argues that the sheer volume of information often prevents us from ever going deep into subjects, and constrains us from getting the much-needed headspace to think. He claims this deluge often leads us to “snack” on data in a way that’s unhealthy for our minds, working styles and, most importantly, our lives.

With a loyal audience on social media, Dave is a prominent and regular voice at leading industry events and platforms including the RSA, WorkTech, and Cloud World Forum. He was a guest on Sunday Brunch (C4) 31 Dec 2017.

Addressing the intersection of modern society technology through his public speaking and published work, Dave is spearheading the development of the UK’s IT and digital industries by helping people to understand and aspire to greater outcomes from our use of technology.

Dave is an authority in the industry, on a broad range of topics and a regular contributor in UK and Pan-EMEA media including the BBC, The Telegraph and The Guardian on topics from the future of education, privacy and online safety, right through to the Big Data rock stars and the impact of Machine Learning.

“We need strategies and tools that help us better to cope with information – and focus on what matters. But how do we sift through what’s important and what’s not? How do we decide when to tune in, and when to tune out?”
The Rise of the Humans, Dave Coplin, 2014

To book Dave Coplin as the technology speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

“Our guests rated your session on The Future of Digital and The Rise of the Humans as excellent.”

“Dave was great for our audience, with humour and inspiration – the delegates loved him. Feedback has been fabulous – just what was needed to close the day and leave everyone with energy and thought-provoking content. Excellent service and support from DBA Speakers throughout – thank you!”
1 Spatial plc

“Dave – You went down a storm! The event was exceptionally well received. Thanks for your insight and challenge.”
Connect Plus M25

“Just a quick note of thanks for what I would rate as the best after lunch talk I had ever heard. Informative and thought provoking.”
Alan Priddy, Leader, Team Britannia

“A big thank you to Dave and Diana for all your help over the past few weeks. Dave’s opening keynote was brilliant and created the buzz we wanted – then his Q&A, and closing keynotes were excellent too. We are enormously grateful for your help, input and support at this fantastic, global event.”
Children’s Global Media Summit, Manchester 2017 (global broadcasters and media companies)

“Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, energy and commitment to the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017. Your presence was invaluable. Your Keynote opening speech was so well received and became the ‘thing’ of many conversations! It is a pleasure working with you and Diana, and we hope to work with you again in the future.”
Vanessa Amberleigh, Genre Lead, BBC Children’s Preschool

“Diana – as you could tell, Dave went down a bomb at the Worcestershire LEP Conference! He was a perfect fit for our event and was so much more than “a speaker” to our client. including very relevant conversations during networking. Dave arriving early so that he could listen to the context of the programme was a huge benefit. Thank you very much for suggesting him and securing him for us – our credibility has certainly been upheld!”
Rose Padmore, MD Opening Doors & Venues, UK

“Dave was great: so easy to work with and everyone loved his session. Rated as “excellent” on every feedback form.”
K3 Retail

“Dave was excellent – highly engaging and with a great message, delivered very effectively. Even better, Diana provides exceptional service and instinctively understood the brief, and suggested Dave.”
Leading global private investment company (name and address supplied)

“THANK YOU Dave. You blew them away: feedback has been exceptional. You received 100% Excellent or Very Good: this is rare indeed! A real pleasure to work with you and DBA Speakers. We look forward to staying in touch.”
Benchmark for Business, London

“Just wanted to say thank you for giving the keynote. You kicked things off perfectly and created a real buzz at the events – lots on social media, tweets and questions. And lots of praise from delegates on your talk, all day. Excellent”
EMAP (TechFest 2017)

“Dave was just perfect: entertaining and 100% relevant to our agenda. DBA were really helpful, so we’ll be back to discuss next year’s Summit.”

Gladstone Software

“Dave Coplin was genuinely… awesome! Brilliant placing and pace of delivery. A great way to start our day! Dave was definitely the right choice. Thanks Diana!”
Editor, New Civil Engineer magazine

“Dave was brilliant!
London Business Forum

“A vibrant and charismatic speaker. Our packed, 1600 multi-national audience really enjoyed hearing Dave”.
SIGBI Malta 2016

“Dave was a thoughtful and passionate presenter who contributed significantly to the success of the day.”
Leading UK food supplier – name and address supplied

“Diana – it was absolutely wonderful to have Dave at our Dinner – thank you for making this happen. To deliver a better future, we must challenge our thinking about how we can influence change and work together. Dave’s talk inspired us to think about how we use data and technology to inspire and influence others to make change happen. He is a dynamic speaker who kept the diverse audience engaged throughout his whole presentation”.
Pancreatic Cancer UK

“Great speaker! Great recommendation from DBA!”
Leading investment company, London

“Dave’s speech completely resonated with our audience and definitely challenged their mindset. The immediate responses following his presentation are exceptional. Dave Coplin is an excellent communicator.”
Business Centre Association

“Dave’s talk was amazing. Not only did the content fit our “Science of Customer” theme perfectly, but his energy and charisma on-stage are second to none. We’ve seen lots of good speakers. Dave is one of the very best. Please convey our gratitude to Dave for a great closing keynote.”
Technology for Marketing and E-Commerce Expo   UBM, via JLA London

“Everyone is delighted with the day. A great success with lots of positive feedback. Dave was the highlight and a definite favourite of everyone there. Lots of client feedback, specifically on how thought-provoking and entertaining Dave was.”

“Dave Coplin gave an inspiring presentation. It made me realise how much we are tied down by our desktop and mobile devices and how we seem to be working longer, rather than working smarter. I’m going to look at how I work and how I can get technology to work for me, not the other way around.”
University of Lincoln

“Dave blew us out the water with embracing technology. Inspiring, motivational and, at times down right terrifying.”

“Amazing Dave Coplin presentation at MTP. One of the best speakers I have ever heard.”

“Hearing Dave was a goose-bump moment!”

Feedback from delegates at Mind The Product, Barbican (London), September 2015 

“I really appreciated Dave involving himself so much in the event and making himself available to attendees for the evening (and beyond…).”
CEO, CIPD, London

“Thank you so much for speaking at our Conference last week. In our survey of all attendees, I am delighted to say that your presentation scored the highest. We hope to find an opportunity to invite you back in the future.  Delighted that Diana recommended you.”
Tad Zurlinden, CEO, Association of Relocation Professionals, September 2015, London

“Our staff absolutely loved Dave’s speech. We received superb feedback. Excellent recommendation from Diana to invite him.”
Mizuho International Bank

“Excellent! Dave was a brilliant and inspired choice for our audience. Feedback has been great. We’d certainly recommend Dave. Special thanks to DBA for recommending him and for their excellent pre-event support– you can’t improve on perfection!”
Toby Babb, MD, Harrington Starr Ltd, London, June 2015 (Business Breakfast for 200 Fin-Tech executives from broad range of UK and international companies)

“Dave Coplin delivered an inspiring and engaging keynote at our PPMA National Conference attended by over 300 Chief Executives, senior directors, managers and guests from across the UK and North America. From the start until the end, Dave created an interactive environment that kept the delegates engaged throughout, with his informative and enthusiastic delivery. Feedback from delegates has been amazing. I’ve had many comments about how much they enjoyed Dave’s session: it was funny, enlightening, thought-provoking, entertaining and educational. I look forward to working with Dave more in the future, and to seeing him present at another Conference soon”.
Barry Pirie, President, Public Service Manager’s Association, Annual Conference, Bristol, UK, May 2015

“Very good indeed – many thanks.” (Panel session discussing the future of work, inspiring the next generation, and topics which UK and global C-Suite leaders are tackling now and in the future)
The Economist Talent Summit, London June 2015