Jimmy Doherty

Agricultural Specialist & TV Personality

Jimmy Doherty is a farmer and presenter in Suffolk, who earned a name for himself on such television channels as BBC and Channel 4. At present, Jimmy and his wife run their own business entitled Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park, a farm that breeds rare pigs. Additionally, he is a popular sustainability speaker, who can cover topics like environmental safeguarding, business management and agricultural marketing.

After moving to Essex as a young boy, Jimmy found friendship in the now-famous chef, Jamie Oliver. He went on to study animal biology at the University of East London, before studying a PhD in Etomology and graduating from Coventry University’s zoology department. It was Jimmy’s friendship with Jamie that gave him the first taste of the limelight, when he featured on Oliver’s Twist in 2002, a television series that explored iconic dishes from fish and chips to curries. As a celebrity speaker, Jimmy candidly discusses his experience with television production, giving his audience a backstage pass to the inner workings.

Jimmy has hosted a range of television shows, including Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket in 2012, Escape to the Wild in 2017 and Food Unwrapped, a popular programme that shines a light on food production. Despite this, his main passion is farming. In 2002, Jimmy trained as a pig farmer – and didn’t look back. The Essex Pig Company is a business owned by Jimmy, which employs free-range, sustainable meat production practices.

From the endangered Essex and Berkshire, to the Gloucestershire Old Spots and Middle Whites, Jimmy cares for a wide range of pigs, as well as Jacob Sheep and Red Poll cattle. Farming is one of the main themes in Jimmy’s speeches, which includes the practical care of animals to the nature of agricultural business development. Most recently, Jimmy was named the youngest ever President of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, in 2016. The charity works to conserve native farm animal breeds, to ensure the longevity of the specific cattle, sheep and pigs – this is closely linked to Jimmy’s personal passion and goal as an agricultural speaker.

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When at corporate events, Jimmy is known to cover the following topics:

  • Sustainability & The Environment
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • British Countryside
  • Business Management
  • Sales & Marketing

Jimmy discussing agricultural diversification: