Richard Reed

Founder Of Innocent Smoothies

Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed has created an international company with the very basic principles of producing fresh fruit smoothies and vegetable pots alongside two of his university friends. A fantastic retail speaker and keynote speaker, Reed focuses on key topics of entrepreneurialism and leadership as factors for success in highly competitive market places.

During talks as a retail speaker, Richard often talks of the spontaneous style in which his business empire was created. Innocent began after Richard and his two friends graduated from Cambridge University and decided to set up a fresh fruit company. After six months of recipe improvement in their kitchens, Innocent Drinks was born and debuted at a music festival. With two bins with a YES and NO sign placed outside their stall with a sign of ‘Should we give up our jobs to make these smoothies’, by the end of the day the YES bin has been filled and the trio resigned from their jobs the very next day. Such decisive action is essential to success, a topic Richard can discuss at length as a business speaker.

Over a decade later, Innocent’s turnover was in the hundreds of millions of pounds, selling in thousands of stores across the country. With all three of the original owners selling their stakes in the firm in 2013 after Coca Cola increased their shareholding, Innocent Drinks has always been a resounding success, allowing Richard to share his story with thousands of others and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit across the world. Richard is now the Co-Founder of JamJar investments, helping companies with his vast knowledge.

During talks as a keynote speaker, Richard engages with audiences and compels them to add creativity into everyday business life. Winner of a multitude of awards, Richard has been awarded the accolade of the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, as well as the Orange ‘Innovative Company of the Year’.

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