Megan Greene


Global Chief Economist at John Hancock Financial Services/Manulife Asset Management, Megan Greene is an expert in economic forecasting, global macro-economics and financial trends. Having spent many years researching and understanding economic and financial correlations and trends, Megan is an ideal choice for businesses and individuals to learn tips from, and thus has become a popular addition to corporate conferences, events and functions.

Whilst working at John Hancock Financial Services/Manulife Asset Management, Megan is responsible for forecasting global macroeconomic and financial trends and analyzing the potential opportunities and impacts to support the firm’s investment teams around the world.

Moreover, Megan runs her own London-based economics consulting practice called Maverick Intelligence, which serves clients who leverage her analysis of economic, political, policy and social developments, as well as the impact these might have on the global economy.

After graduating from Princeton University, Megan started her career in investment banking as an analyst at JP Morgan Chase, before moving on to become a financial consultant at Liechtenstein Royal Family. In 2007, Megan worked at the Economist Intelligence Unit where she became a euro crisis expert during the European Debt Crisis. As a result of her vast experience in economics and knowledge of the effects of the euro crisis, Megan then became Director of European Economics at Roubini Global Economics.

An incredibly intelligent individual, Megan attended two prestigious universities, Princeton University in the USA and Oxford University in the UK. Studying Political Economy, Megan graduated with a BA degree at Princeton in 2001. A couple of years later Megan went back to education to study a Masters in European Studies at the University of Oxford. She graduated from Oxford in 2006.

During her highly impactful and engaging talks, Megan will often discuss topics that include international and the UK economy, business management, economic and financial trends, leadership and politics.

A brilliant keynote speaker, Megan has been at the top of the economic game; working for top firms and eventually setting up her own company. With an array of experience in the brutal business world, Megan is a prime example of what can be achieved with the correct attitude and dedication to a personal passion.

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When she’s at corporate events, Megan is known to cover the following topics:

  • Retail Speaker
  • The UK Economy
  • Business Management
  • Branding Expertise
  • World Economy