Ken Hughes


One of the foremost consumer behaviour speakers in the world today, Ken Hughes asks his audiences “Why do shoppers buy and how can we make them buy more?”. Thankfully for most, it’s rhetorical, as Ken cycles through some of his tried and tested methods of doing so. Owing to the relevance of his subject matter in society today, and his immensely engaging keynote speeches, Ken has been called upon to deliver speeches at global conferences.

In 2015 Ken delivered a TedX Talk where he spoke to hundreds of people at the University of Nicosia on Time Bending – 365 Ways to Unlock Creativity and Innovation. The incredible speech has inspired many of those in attendance, as well as the 100k+ viewers online.

Discussing the ideas that has seen him collaborate with the likes of Coca-Cola, IKEA and AXA, Ken taps into innovation, the Internet of Things, big data, digital strategy, shopper marketing, behavioural economics, cyber psychology and retail futurology to offer audiences a completely unique presentation.

Displaying unwavering drive, as well as a deep rooted passion for the subject, Ken has become one of the most in-demand motivational speakers of today. Famed for his relentless energy, his speeches merge the mundane with the astoundingly untrodden to reveal contemporary approaches to old problems.

As the CEO of Glacier Consulting, he has worked with numerous corporations to help lift the lid on the latest trends and insight that can give their marketing strategies the edge. Putting the consumer at the heart of everything he discusses, Ken paints a picture of the modern consumer, and moulds his speeches to meet the needs of any specific corporate event.

The ideal consumer behaviour expert, ideal to engage with a keynote speech or even participate in a fireside chat format, there is no doubt that Ken Hughes is the real deal, able to stimulate exciting debates, emphasise the need to dig deep into data available and develop marketing strategies that are fluid and profitable.

In addition to his astute know-how in the worlds of branding, marketing and consumer behaviour, Ken’s hilarious personal journey of “saying yes to everything” is utterly transfixing, setting the stage for a memorable evening’s entertainment.

To book Ken Hughes as the retail speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency.

When at corporate events, Ken is known to cover the following topics:

  • Shopper Psychology
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Retail Futurology
  • Retail Strategy
  • Omni Channel
  • Shopper Marketing

“Your talk was very well received by all, and your message resonates enormously and was a good reminder to us all to set the bar once again higher in the shopper marketing area. Thanks for taking the time to be with us” – Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

“ We invited Ken to address our key executives around in store marketing to shoppers with a particular emphasis on our digital strategy. Ken’s provocative and engaging style and his clear thought leadership opened up fantastic debates on the changing nature of shopper and consumer engagement for our brands and the business overall. His delivery and facilitation really brought the issues to life and I would highly recommend Ken to kick-start the debate when working on the challenge of integrating digital deep within your marketing programmes “ – Julie Watson, Global VP Shopper & Customer Marketing, Univlever