Dr Hasso Kaempfe

Chairman Of The Board Of Jägermeister

As the former CEO of Jägermeister, Dr Hasso Kaempfe has great experience in corporate turnaround. In the role he managed the marketing and supply chain operation, dedicating his career to positioning the alcoholic drink as a market leader. When he entered the role, Jägermeister was considered to be an outdated herbal beverage, but with Hasso’s help, it is now one of the most popular drinks for the younger target audience. As a business speaker, he reflects upon this experience to give his audience an insight into successful corporate turnaround, change management and business organisation.

Hasso was educated at The Philipp University of Marburg from 1971 to 1977, in the theoretical study of law. Upon graduating, he then worked for Tchibo GmbH from 1982 to 1997, rising through the ranks of the business, starting as an Officer of Government (Syndikus). In 1987, he was appointed Vice President of Corporate Legal and Corporate Affairs until 1989, then Member of the Executive Board for the remaining eight years. The company was founded in 1949, is the world’s 4th largest coffee roaster and produces sustainable coffee production methods.

In 1998, Hasso moved to Jägermeister. Initially, he worked as the Spokesperson of the Executive Board for two years, before being promoted to Chairman of the Executive Board until 2007. In this role, he helped the company to become market leaders in the competitive world of alcohol, through his corporate turnaround methods. As a speaker, Hasso discusses such methods to benefit his corporate audience, offering advice on which deals to agree to and how to overcome business challenges.

He believes that business owners, whether startups or established companies, should always stay true to their brand’s identity. As an expert in change management and business organisation, he has the experience to offer drastic improvement strategies. A passionate former CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss-based Hero Group, his experience of retail makes him an invaluable speaker.

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When at corporate events, Dr Hasso is known to cover the following topics:

  • Hero Group
  • Change & Business Management
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance
  • Alcohol Industry
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing