Andrew Neil

Publisher, Writer & Political Broadcaster

Publisher, Writer, Broadcaster and former Sunday Times Editor Andrew Neil has experienced an extensive career at the forefront of worldwide politicsm making him a wonderful politics speaker and desirable character on the after dinner speaker circuit. The host of Daily Politics,Sunday Politics and This Week, Andrew’s time as a TV Presenter has allowed him to meet and interview many of the world’s most influential political figures whilst debating key issues of recent times on both domestic and international levels.

Andrew became involved in Politics as a political advisor to the Secretary of State for the Environment during the Edward Heath administration. Once Andrew gained a foothold in broadcasting he switched career paths and began to present features for Tomorrow’s Worldand the Today Programme.

After his editorial work at the Sunday Times, Andrew presided over the launch of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV. Always a widely respected opinion leader, Andrew served also as an Executive Chairman of Sky and as an Executive Editor of Fox Television News.

Andrew is a highly sought after politics speaker, his broad knowledge acquired over decades of involvement in the forefront of politics makes his anecdotal style as an after dinner speaker both captivating and entertaining.

Andrew is also highly accomplished as an event host and conference facilitator, providing lively presentations in the process of keeping your event’s underlying theme in the audience’s minds.

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