Zoe Bennett

Excellent Motivational Speaker

Multi-international award-winning inspirational business speaker, Zoe Bennett, also known as the ‘Motivational Queen’, has a unique true life story which she titles Through Adversity Breeds Success. Zoe persevered through seven murder trial postponements after the brutal torture of her father in a bungled robbery and after Zoe received death threats Gavin Williamson MP (now the Secretary of State for Defence, UK) also helped protect her and help get justice against one of the murderers who received 40 years to life without parole. She uses this tragic incident and the resources from her Business Masters Degree to reinforce that when life or business overwhelms you and you cannot see a way of succeeding, that you can find the inner motivation, strength, strategy and drive to ensure you are successful even through the toughest times utilising mindset and applied business principles.

Zoe is the owner and Managing Director of Training Personified a personal development training company which recognises and applies individual bespoke training needs to clients on a 1-2-1 basis through to team building and group work such as Lloyds Bank, NHS, Birmingham City University, Big Lottery and many more. Through a programme that she has written called the Unique Self Booster she has now acquired her 6th contract with the Department of Work and Pensions to deliver the USB programme to the mental health hard to reach unemployed of Jobcentre Plus to show them how to self coach themselves back in to a mindset that helps them get up, get dressed and get out on their terms and gives them back the desire and passion to want to succeed.

Zoe is a true entrepreneur and has acquired astonishing results through various collaborations such as her partnership deal with Natwest Bank to deliver her Motivational Queen Masterclass to Women In Business that want to level up utilising Zoe’s 9 E’s Excellence Plan. This plan reinforces the need to have a strong foundation base in all that we do to ensure what we start building and acquiring stands firmly strong to serve us positively in whichever direction for quality results of life and business combined.

Zoe also provides workshops in schools, charitable organisations, the public sector and the corporate industry by disclosing her background of her not succeeding in school, plus a traumatic childhood and turning it around to obtain a Masters Degree. She uses her background of a difficult event to encourage people that no matter how hard it gets, you have control of your destiny whether in your personal life or business life. She explains why it is important to set (realistic) goals and have a clear defined life strategy. The ultimate message is never give up! Zoe exudes “warmth, energy and inspiration when delivering this key message through her keynote speeches”.

Zoe goes above and beyond the call of duty immensely and positively changes people’s lives that come into contact with her. This is demonstrated by the many different organisations and people she helps predominantly in the West Midlands but also within Lancashire, Oxfordshire as well as London. She helps so many different communities and is very diverse as well as inclusive in her approach by raising funds and giving away thousands of pounds each year to various charitable organisations. She does not only help one core group but many such as domestic violence victims, the youth, the unemployed, the homeless, cancer victims, mental health sufferers, the disabled and continues to support many others selflessly.

In 2019, Zoe has launched her very first TEDx Talks video, in a bid to inspire and encourage individuals to overcome difficult times of adversity and mental health issues. Focusing on her own life challenges that she turns into thought-provoking life strategies, will help to enable individuals to set a realistic goal and most importantly enhance both their personal and business lives in a positive way.

To book Zoe Bennett as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

Get a taste for what Zoe is like at corporate events, by watching the video below:

Take a look at what people had to say about Zoe, when she appeared at their corporate events:

“I applaud Zoe who has undoubtedly helped our company strengthen by giving freely of her time. Her methods have proven a success record with our women over and over again, recently we were funded for our youth empowerment where she has yet again delivered and gain our children confidence levels to increase their strength to be something or to believe they are something, which lead them into excitement to organise a family fun day. Zoe is an important asset for Seek for Change and we are proud to have her with making life changing to our clients.” – Seek For Change

“Zoe Bennett is a first-class professional motivational speaker and trainer that has exceptional talent. She consistently wows our students with her frank, compelling talks, drawing from her own deeply personal experiences and sharing her extensive knowledge.” – Employability UK

“Zoe has shared her own personal story, life experiences and life lessons and has empowered young people to be high achievers, lifelong learners and to make the most of their opportunities that have afforded them. Zoe doesn’t hold back, she is generous, thoughtful and considerate when it comes to connecting. engaging and mentoring young people.” – Emerge Leadership