Michelle Mills-Porter

"The People Reader"

Michelle is an expert in People, how to read them, what motivates them, how to unleash their potential, how to increase performance and achieve successful collaboration.

Known as “The People Reader” Michelle was already a voice of authority in human communication, but it was her personal experience of the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami that helped her to see right through to the core of humanity and to understand people on a profound level. This is where she learned the truth behind a person’s motivation and what it takes to achieve effective collaboration.

In addition to her inspirational story of surviving the tsunami, Michelle shows us how honing our communication skills can make a tangible difference in some key areas such as;

  • Increasing sales (by anticipating the needs and wants of others, and building rapport)
  • Lead more effectively (by understanding what really motivates individuals and teams)
  • Collaborate successfully (by creating something bigger than the sum of its parts)

Michelle is a multi-award winning business leader, and her first company was the youngest to achieve Investors in People alongside Customer Service and Performance awards. She is one of the most ‘Recommended People’ on LinkedIn having received Platinum status, as well as being a celebrated author.  Having trained dozens of Behaviour Practitioners, Michelle has built her own behaviour and core values analyses, and The People Reader, a rapport building tool and is considered a pioneer in the area of human behaviour.

Michelle is a master storyteller and has been described as “giving her whole self to every talk” resulting in “pure magic.” She can reduce an audience to tears of compassion with her tsunami experience, to tears of laughter with her natural humour and to their feet with numerous standing ovations.

If you want your audience to be inspired, stimulated or motivated, Michelle is the speaker to deliver.

To book Michelle Mills-Porter as the motivational speaker for your event or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Michelle is known to cover the following topics:

  • The Magnificence of Humanity
  • The Secret Life of People
  • Phone Genius – The Art of Non-Visual Communication
  • Building Brilliant Business Relationship
  • The Key to Motivation
  • The Key to Collaboration

“WOW!!!. Extremely personable and gregarious, Michelle’s impact as a thinker and speaker is most impressive, her vast knowledge is astonishing.” – Malcolm, Rolls-Royce

“She energises, excites, inspires and engages her audience, Bravo, and thank you, Michelle!” – Ruth McCammot, BP

“She brought the audience to tears, then laughter  and to their feet in a standing ovation. Amazing!” – Harry Purewal, Consultant

“Wow! – what an impact. We saw Account Managers who were consistently under-performing start hitting and exceeding their targets, and a new energy in the teams that hadn’t been seen for a while.” – Claire, Orion Media

“The whole room was quite literally ‘jaw dropped’.  It was a masterclass in how to get rapport with a room of people and the ‘take-away’ value was huge!” – David Hyner, International Motivational Speaker