Helga Hengge

Leading Mountaineer who was the first German woman to scale Everest and to complete the adventurers grand slam

Helga Hengge is a woman of many talents; a published author, respected mountaineer and influential keynote speaker. In her motivational speeches, she takes the audience on a journey through her previous missions, giving them an insight into the mindset of an adventurer. Helga is an expert in peak performance, determination and mental resilience, topics which she expands upon in her speeches. Audiences of all types would benefit from Helga’s wisdom, from business owners to students, as she can offer strategies for improving personal, academic and professional development.

Highly regarded as the first German woman to successfully climb the Seven Summits and Mount Everest, Helga reflects upon her venture to the top of mountains in her speeches. Her career consisted of two main passions; mountaineering and fashion. Helga previously worked for Vogue as their fashion editor, a role that led her to travel for international campaigns. Additionally, she studied Film, Marketing and Philosophy at New York University, where she cultivated her unique perspective on success. Helga also spent 12 years self-employed, from 1991 to 2003, where she wrote for both fashion and beauty as well as sports and lifestyle. In this role, she developed the business skills which feature so heavily in her speeches.

Helga has been touring the speaking circuit since 2000, when she started presenting her topics of discussion. Since then, she has featured at events internationally, enthralling her audience with her stories of mountaineering. Alongside her speaking, she is also a published author, having written such titles as Mount Everest – Only The Sky Above, Abenteuer Seven Summits, and Nur Der Himmel Ist Höher.

Reflected in her countless positive testimonials, Helga’s speeches are famed for their interesting topics and positive impact. Helga likens her ascent up a mountain to a manager’s ascent to corporate success, discussing such topics as the power of a team, trusting your intuition and dealing with setbacks. Accompanied by a slick, interesting visual presentation, audiences are hooked on Helga’s every word. Testimonials of her previous speeches describe her as creating “an emotional density with your presentation that made it possible to truly feel the challenges of your ascent”, a testament to Helga’s truly captivating presentations.

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When at corporate events, Helga is known to discuss the following topics:

  • The Power of a Team
  • Trusting Your Inner Strength
  • Reaching The Top
  • Dealing With Setbacks
  • Peak Performance

Helga giving a speech with ADIDAS:

“You have given my team and me a more than impressive experience. You managed to create an emotional density with your presentation that made it possible to truly feel the challenges of your ascent. The management messages regarding team work – persistence – small steps leading to success – and what happens when too many ‘heroes’ are strutting around were impressive.”DAIMLER AG

“Thank you so much for your terrific keynote! It is not only the mountain, but strong will power and the motivation to set high goals and to work on them even when they seem unreachable at first. Thank you for your insights. The feedback from our clients was overwhelming and your keynote scored a straight A. With this you beat all the other speakers! THANKS!”-

“Your speech received extremely high ratings in our event assessment, which shows that all the participants really enjoyed it and found it very inspirational. You were the highlight of the entire day! We look forward to welcoming you at our future events.”McKinsey & Company, Inc.

“Helga, you inspired us all at the start to have a great Unplugged Day. If we just take a little of some of your energy, fortitude and humor with us as we continue our journey then we will undoubtedly succeed. Thanks.”AIRBUS

“This was an incredibly impressive speech! You have such radiance and bestowed our team with a lot of inspiration for the upcoming challenges!”BMW Group

“We were delighted to have you with us. It is not easy to find an exciting and charismatic speaker for the topic of leadership, who is able to convey the messages our leadership development team wants to send. Your presentation and the images were truly fascinating. And the feedback from our participants has been exceptionally positive. THANK YOU again Mrs. Hengge! Thanks for making our Leadership Day extraordinary.”BASF – The Chemical Company