Emma Bache

The UK's No 1. Graphologist

Witty, confident, intellectual and incredibly capable, Emma Bache is an extraordinarily talented graphologist, handwriting expert and after dinner speaker that is available to hire through the Champions Speakers agency for events, dinners and functions across the UK. With a remarkable reputation worldwide, Emma Bache is a uniquely skilled practitioner that is perfectly suited for a range of engagements whether it be team building, public speaking or employee training. Bache’s personality observations are renowned for being both comical and fascinating as she only needs a sentence or two to work with.

With an enviable client list which has included members of the aristocracy and celebrities as well as businesses ranging from city institutions, recruitment agencies, hotels, charities and property companies. It is safe to say that Emma Bache is a household name with global accord and a must for any event as an after-dinner speaker.

A unique and gifted individual that can provide exceptional value from the smallest of extracts, from a relatively small sample of handwriting Emma can reveal fascinating insights into the personality and character of the individual, including compatibility between couples and business associates making for not only fascinating but also potentially transformative revelations.

Bache’s spectacular client list and resume include the likes of Hastings Insurance, Strutt and Parker, Conde Nast, as well as financial institutions such as Credit Agricole, N + 1 Singer, The Dorchester Collection and The Corinthia Group citing both her expertise and ability. Emma Bache has gone far beyond speaking and events as she has regularly appeared on television to become somewhat of a media personality that has further increased her recognisability and already impressive reputation.

Appearances have included 2 series of History Hunt with Bill Oddie for BBC, GMTV‘s This Morning and the Premier League for Sky Sports during which she fascinatingly analysed top Premier League footballers. Emma has also helped resolve forgery cases such as the RBS scandal featured in the Mail on Sunday in 2018, allowing her to deliver mesmerising and engrossing content during her performances as an after-dinner speaker.

The award-winning writer of ‘Reading Between the Lines’, from helping with recruitment and corporate restructuring to criminal investigation and forensic linguists, Emma Bache has done it all! Whether it be in the corporate world, finance, criminology, marketing, hospitality or political sector, Bache has significantly contributed to and positively impacted a number of the biggest institutions in the world. Emma’s scrutiny of the human mind and behavioural patterns led her to gain qualifications in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in 2007 further increasing her already lofty demand. A genius in her field that has mastered speaking, graphology, psychology and linguists in addition to excelling on television, publications and presentation, the simply incredible Emma Bache is a must for any event!

To book, Emma Bache as the after-dinner speaker for your corporate event or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Emma is known to cover the following topics:

  • Graphology
  • Handwriting
  • Drive & Determination