Chris Moon MBE


Chris Moon MBE tells an inspiring story as a motivational speaker of overcoming adversity to achieve mind blowing feats. Chris is a former army officer, who went on to work for HALO, The Hazardous Life-Support Organisation. His role was to supervise the terribly dangerous task of mine clearance in Cambodia. Working in some of the most dangerous environments in the world, Chris has some of the most shocking and compelling tales on the motivational speaker circuit.

During his campaign, Chris and two others were kidnapped by the Khmer Rouge communist party. His cool and calm approach led to them eventually negotiating with his capturers and being released. Carrying on his work with HALO, Chris assumed control of a large-scale mine clearance in Mozambique.

However, one day, Chris was walking in a cleared mine field when he trod on a deep-hidden mine. Chris lost his right lower leg and his right hand. Chris did not want to stop achieving and helping others, less than a year after his injuries he completed The London Marathon. This colossal display of grit, willpower and determination was not enough for Chris: becoming the first leg amputee to take part in the Great Sahara Run – described as the toughest race on earth.

Competitors in the race carry their own food and supplies through the incredibly hostile heat and sand for six days. Moon’s amazing tale of overcoming adversity as an after dinner speaker is incredibly powerful, with the drive and determination to achieve what he has done being highly desirable in business and social environments alike.

Chris was quoted in a BBC interview stating;

‘I am driven by all sorts of things – what is life without aspirations?’

Chris certainly lives by this notion, going on to complete The Outback Challenge, an ultra-marathon through the arid Australian Bush. He followed this by running the length of Cambodia, a staggering 700km. Chris’ talks as both a keynote speaker and after dinner speaker motivate his audiences to maximise success, his breathtaking and inspirational story truly needs to be heard to be believed.

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“Chris brings out key values that contribute to success in any environment.” – Royal Bank of Scotland

“Chris is truly an inspirational speaker. His positivity is infectious.”- IBM

“Your impeccable blend of humor, reflection, realism and brutal honesty was a perfect mix. It really captured the imagination of the audience and invigorated a positive mental attitude.” – Ricoh

“Chris Moon received the highest ratings given to an external speaker.” – Bank of Scotland

“In terms of a process of implementing change, and learning to live with change, I cannot imagine a more compelling presentation than Chris Moon’s.” – Danske Bank

“Chris Moon received the highest ratings given to an external speaker.” – Bank of Scotland