Alvin Law


Canadian motivational speaker, Alvin Law was born into a truly difficult situation, disabled by his birth mother’s use of the dangerous morning sickness drug Thalidomide many thought the life that lay before Alvin would be one of prejudice, abjection and suffering. However, thanks to personal determination and the caring and nurturing hand of his adoptive parents, Alvin has gone on to become one of the most impressive motivational speakers in the entire world.

Despite being born without arms Alvin learnt to use his feet to write, draw and paint; he attended mainstreams schools in a time when most disabled children were confined to institutions and graduated from university with honours. He went on to work in a variety of careers and corporations before finding his true calling as a motivational speaker.

His life’s experience has shown Alvin that hard work, determination and positivity can help those even in the direst of circumstances, achieve their dreams. His work as a motivational speaker is genuinely inspiring, filled with personal insights and anecdotes his presentations tell the true story of his rise from hardship to the heights of global success.

Entirely independent and amazingly confident Alvin has begun travelling Canada as an after dinner speaker aged just 21 and now, more than twenty years later, continues to inspire and impress audiences all over the world. Alvin Law has been employed as a motivational speaker by a vast number of corporations in Canada, America and Europe; he has contributed to charitable organisations, appeared at societal meetings and association conferences as well as presenting at after dinner speaker events for some of the biggest businesses in Canada.

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