Dominic Alldis


Leading jazz musician, orchestral conductor and conference speaker, Dominic Alldis is the founder of Music & Management, an organisation providing musical learning events for conferences and leadership development programs. With over 30 years experience in the music industry, Dominic is an incredibly talented individual that has a distinctive approach to using his flair. He also is a Steinway Artist and an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in London.

An accomplished musician and passionate jazz artist, Dominic has studied classical cello piano and organ, as well as conducting and composition studies. Throughout his career, he has performed at a number of high profile events and recorded several albums. Having tried out and learnt a number of different musical styles, techniques and instruments, Dominic decided to take his learnings and use them to help others in a completely unique and highly engaging way, thus Music & Management was created.

Uniquely placed to bring his insights and talents into the contemporary business world, Dominic likes to explore the synergy between different musical cultures and how that research could benefit businesses and individuals alike. Keen to use music as a tool to inspire change in businesses, Dominic has advised and consulted a range of clients from all around the world including leading international companies such as Cartier, Coca Cola, eBay, the NHS, Renault, Unilever, Yamaha and Google.

During his highly thought-provoking presentations, Dominic will often use a series of interactive musical experiences for participants to explore the importance of leadership and collaboration, teamwork and creativity and preparation and performance. He does all of this using the influence of a jazz band, symphony orchestra and classical string quartet to allow participants to learn these techniques using the universal language of music.

To book Dominic Alldis to make a personal appearance at your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by using the contact details below:

When at corporate events, Dominic is known to cover the following topics:

• Music As A Metaphor For Business
• Music & Culture Change
• The Conductor As Leader
• Collaboration & The Orchestra
• Jazz & Innovation
• Jazz & Teamwork
• Leadership Jazz

Take a look at the feedback that Dominic received for the events in which he appeared at:

“Learning about leadership through music is one of the most creative learning experiences I have ever had. A beautiful, moving and educational experience…”
Ellen Shedlarz Managing Director, COO, Talent Management Group, Morgan Stanley

“You bring to life what leadership embodies, inspiring our leaders to stretch to their fullest potential. Your insights about collaboration and trust resonate powerfully with our leaders in the context of their teams and the business. Simply magical…”
Lynne Mueller Director of Worldwide Training, WPP

“The interplay, the connection, the artistry of the musicians is an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Quite literally Dominic, you are helping us transform leadership here at eBay…”
Beth Axelrod
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, eBay Inc

“The best learning experience they had ever had at Google or anywhere, period…”
Richard FernandezDirector of Senior Executive Education, Google

“Profound insights into innovation through live performance and discussion.  Furthermore, the jazz vision is dead right for today’s business organizations… compelling, engaging and applicable to any creative business…”
Professor Nigel NicholsonLondon Business School

“Our audience were more than inspired, they were re-energized by your performance.  You and your musicians had a terrific impact on our audience…”
Stéphane Voyer Group HR Development Director, LVMH

“Dominic Alldis was the motivational highlight of our conference and it was an honour to enjoy and listen to your performance on stage. We were absolutely delighted and excited, and the feedback was extremely positive…”
Christian Wilmschoefer Vice President, Siemens Industry Software Gmbh

“Wow, I and others were blown away by your performance.  I can’t thank you enough.  You were the finale that pulled all the content from the day together into a moving, touching performance.  So bravo, that’s quite an accomplishment!…”
Kristie BarteeDirector, Development Excellence, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals

“Thank you so much again for the session you ran for us – it went down fantastically well, as I knew it would…”
Marco Amitrano UK Head of Consulting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“Dominic’s command of his profession rivals that of any senior business leader. His ability to connect key business principles like trust, respect, and execution was brought to life through his Music and Management performance. Respectfully, one of the most unique and enjoyable keynote speaker presentations your team will ever witness and be sure to remember…”
John K Millis Vice President, Kimberly Clark Corporation