Andreu Mateu


Andreu Mateu is one of the most sought after peak performance speakers on the circuit, due to his invaluable experience as an adventurer. By incorporating a mix of inspirational anecdotes, tried and tested strategies and audience participation, he tells the story of his life as an explorer. Andreu is passionate about influencing his audience’s opinions of themselves, dedicating his speaking career to uncovering the true potential in people. By including visual stimulus and heart-racing stories of bravery, he keeps his audience captivated from the moment he steps onto the stage.

In 1992, Andreu had the world watching when he travelled to the most remote places this Earth has to offer. By using every mode of transport available to him, he completed a journey titled The Transcovery Project. In doing so, Andreu commanded international fame. Prior to his first mission, Andreu worked at the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in New York, but he had set his mind on greater things – the great unknown.

Short on funds, Andreu sold everything he owned. As his first adventure was particularly ambitious, he needed to raise enough money to support himself while he was travelling. Next, Andreu devised a team of people to support his international expedition and supply him with the correct equipment to not just keep him safe, but also to ensure that he crossed the finish line. An advocate for team work, Andreu valued this external support and credits it to his success.

Departing from Spain, Andreu started his journey on the 11th of August, 1992. Over the next few months, he overcame a number of challenges many could only dream of. These included sailing solo in a 30-foot boat across the Atlantic, skydiving from 12,500 feet, travelling across Europe on a motorbike and swimming the Straits of Gibraltar. By using a wide range of transport – elephants, canoes, horses and helicopters – Andreu travelled through 120 countries via 131 different types of transportation.

As a public speaker, Andreu is an influential figure who frequently appears at events on a local and international scale. With an insatiable passion for adventure, audiences are left influenced by his infectious attitude towards life. As a peak performance expert, Andreu has a range of strategies to achieving productive rest.

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