Andreu Mateu

Spanish Explorer Who Has Travelled to World's Most Remote Locations

The Spanish explorer, Andreu Mateu has travelled to the most remote places on earth. Exactly five-hundred years after Columbus began his voyage, Andreu strapped on a pair of in-line skates and began his own adventure. Project Transcovery eventually took him to 120 countries, using 131 different means of transport.

Following his dream, Andreu swam the Straits of Gibraltar, sailed a 30’ boat solo across the Atlantic and traversed the length of Africa by motorbike. The gruelling journey across all seven continents also involved balloons, canoes, horses, elephants and helicopters.

Knowing that teamwork is the fuel by which ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, Andreu assembled an international expedition support team to advise him and provide the necessary supplies and equipment. Accompanied by spectacular footage, Andreu’s speech is full of anecdotes from his adventures, demonstrating the enormous potential we have hidden within ourselves. At once entertaining, inspiring and jaw-dropping, he shows how patience, persistence and passion helped him achieve his goals.

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