Elliott Limb

Banking & Technology Expert

Elliott is one of the worlds most credible, knowledgeable and experienced experts in the Banking Technology sector. In his career spanning 20 years, he has worked at CIO level for Citi Group and Barclays and was head of Corporate Banking for the worlds 3rd largest fintech company Finastra (formerly Misys). Elliott is unique in crossing the bridges between the banking, technology and consultancy worlds.

During his 20 years in the industry, he has driven innovation and large-scale transformations, been responsible for the largest payments switch in the world and advised corporates, governments and central banks on innovation. He has mentored, invested in and ran high growth fintechs while building collaborative eco-systems to help fintech companies grow and banks reduce the cost of innovation.

He is a board member and founding co-chair of the World Trade Board, focusing on ending poverty and improving peoples lives and is passionate about financial inclusion and fair trade. In 2017 Elliott founded CoBa, the collaborative banking company to focus on driving collaboration towards a future where we have better banking for everyone. Outside his work as company CEO, Elliott is what we like to call a ‘serial hobbyist’!

His interests in many unique, eccentric and diverse topics make him not just knowledgeable but amusing and engaging. His interests range from music (he is a trained sound engineer and musician and once played Glastonbury), bio-hacking, Ironman triathlon, meditation, sports, and not to forget – magic! (He is an accomplished magician and never goes anywhere without a pack of cards).

Elliott’s keynote speeches are as engaging and inspirational as they are informative. He passionately speaks on many topics, including banking, fintech, innovation and transformation. He challenges his audience to see the power of collaboration and aligned outcomes using inspirational and amusing stories about his eclectic life experiences.

Some examples of recent keynotes include:

  • Are we entering the 4th Era of banking in 10 years
  • Banking Is Broken – Who Defines the new banking eco-system
  • Commoditised Banking – The future marketplace of marketplaces
    Banking Innovation, so what!
  • Deep Collaboration – Why we get it wrong
  • Making transformations easy – The ADOPTS approach

He has 2 books that are being published in early 2018 these are, Transform Anything – How to be richer, smarter, fitter and generally better at everything and Simplifying Collaboration – How we should all be working together.

To book Elliott Limb as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Elliott is known to cover the following topics:

  • The future of Banking
  • When all the banks disappear
  • Fintech 2.0
  • Open Banking
  • The most agile bank wins
  • Banking is Broken
  • How technology is making the future worse
  • How to be better at everything
  • How to change anything
  • Why being an Entrepreneur is overrated
  • What small companies can learn from big company and what big companies can learn from small companies
  • Sustainable trade
  • Technology in trade
  • Payments – The future
  • Banking 4.0
  • Collaborate or die
  • Reducing the cost of innovation
  • How technology companies achieve high growth
  • Better banking for everyone

“Elliott is one of a kind. His keynotes are a hybrid of banking/technical industry knowledge and inspired motivation lead by amusing tales of his eclectic life and interests. We learnt about the future of banking, that collaboration is the only way forward in the industry and how to use slight of hand to pull off any card trick! – Knowledge from an industry leader, along with laughter at his tales left me inspired, educated with a new willingness to say yes to every new (and bizarre) experience!” – Matthew Williamson