Daisy McAndrew

Prominent Broadcaster & ITV's Former Chief Political Correspondent

Daisy McAndrew is one of Britain’s most prominent broadcasters. Having initially started out in a research role in the House of Commons, she worked her way to the top of the sphere, taking on roles as Chief Political Correspondent and Special Correspondent at television giant, ITV.

An expert on economics, politics and finance, McAndrew is skilled in the art of corporate facilitation. Having covered some of the most important economic events of the 2000s and beyond, she is ideally placed to discuss pressure, the media and the economy. This has also made her a sought after media trainer, coach and advisor, in addition to her role as a freelance presenter, still broadcasting political goings-on in and around Westminster.

In her early career, McAndrew worked at the House of Commons as a researcher before editing The House Magazine. By 1999 she was Press Secretary for the then Lib Dem leader, Charles Kennedy.

By 2001, after the general election, McAndrew turned her head to broadcast media, where she would join Channel 4 for their political show, Powerhouse. The role led to her taking on the co-presenting role alongside Andrew Neil on BBC NewsDaily Politics in 2003. She would also join BBC Breakfast to present the Yesterday in Parliament programme.

By 2005 she was Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News, becoming a regular, popular authority within the media. In 2008 she would take the role of Economics Editor on her return from maternity leave. In 2011 she was promoted to Special Correspondent, where she would appear on national news bulletins and react to latest news stories.

As a keynote speaker and conference facilitator, Daisy McAndrew has earned a reputation as an astute advisor and excellent communicator, helping executives to find common ground and companies to take action on the themes of her speeches. Whether discussing her career in detail or the aspects of her role in economics to advise on policies and strategies going forward – she is without a doubt one of the best economics speakers in the UK today.

To book Daisy McAndrew as the economics speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When she’s at corporate events, Daisy is known to cover the following topics:

  • Economics & Economic Policy
  • British Politics
  • Finance & Futurism
  • International Affairs
  • Press & Media