Catherine Lubochinsky

Scientific Board for the French Association of French Administration

Professor Catherine Lubochinsky continues to build a reputation as an authoritative voice in the macroeconomic field. In the wake of the 2007-08 financial crisis she became an increasingly sought after finance speaker, breaking down complex, academic themes into engaging and digestible material.

Catherine regularly appears as an expert business speaker on media across Europe and has written and edited several books on the challenges faced by the global economy.

As professor of economics and finance at the University of Paris she conducts forensic analyses of the roots of the crisis and focuses on risk management within the markets. Catherine’s emphasis on strategy and futurism give her a unique insight and make her a must-hire after dinner speaker for those looking to stay ahead of the economic curve.

Ms. Lubochinsky has acted as an advisor to several private financial institutions and served as President of the European Money and Finance Forum between 2006 and 2012. Working at the coalface during the most volatile period in over 70 years, Catherine’s views on market dynamics are up there with the cream of global business speakers.

Professor Lubochinsky has 2 PhDs, in Finance and Economics, from the University of Paris and the University of Orléans respectively and has worked as a visiting researcher at The Brown University and at The International Monetary Fund.

In 2013 she joined the Global Risk Institute as Managing Director, Research, so today there are precious few with more impressive credentials as keynote speaker.

In a volatile world business looks for clues to the future, and as an after dinner speaker Catherine sets out clearly how we can stabilise our system. Her vast academic experience leaves her optimistic about the coming decades and she sees political inputs as being pivotal in sustaining equilibrium in the markets.

As a top end finance speaker her strengths lie in the simplicity of her message.

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