Juan Señor


Juan Señor was listed among “The World’s Leading Innovators’ in Journalism and Media” in 2010, by Journalism.co.uk. A frequent contributor to renowned publications including The Financial Time and The Economist and an Emmy-nominated presenter who has interviewed and produced interviews with the likes of Yasser Arafat and Nelson Mandela – Señor is one of the most famous broadcast journalists of our time.

Between 1989 and 1996, Senor made quite an impact on global broadcasting as a foreign affairs and war correspondent. He was nominated for an EMMY for interviews with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat with the team at NewsHour on PBS picking up a Dupont Journalism Award for the coverage. High-profile interviews would also follow as he would produce interviews with the likes of Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, John Major and Bill Clinton.

He was then noted for his skilful news broadcasting with his 1998 TV programme Media Report voted as Europe’s Best Business Programme by viewers at the time. He would also become a presenter and correspondent for Wall Street Journal TV, CNBC Europe and International Herald Tribune Television.

In 2002, Senor shifted his attention to consultancy and has since directed news operations for global companies, helping them to keep up with industry trends and remain relevant in the digital age of news consumption. He launched television stations and news publications in Europe, the Middle East and South America in this time, with three of his newspapers being singled out as the Best Newspaper Concept and Design in the World, in both 2007 and 2008.

By 2010 he became one of Europe’s leading conference facilitators and keynote speakers on topics such as new media, democracy, journalism and leadership. In a recent presentation, he discussed Why Fake News Will Save Democracy, as well as appeared at high-profile events that include FIPP, the Digital Innovators Summit 2016, Brussels 2015 – Distripress Congress and Mindshare Summit.

Today Señor is the host of the Cannes Lions Film Festival and a Partner at the Innovation Media Consulting Group based in London. Taking on something of a double life, Senor is a campaigner for Downs Syndrome awareness, and he has completed numerous challenges across the world, including leading the first international expedition for disabled athletes to ski to the South Pole. A fascinating account of his journey can be found in his presentation, The 10 Rules of the Arctic which sees him impart lessons from the ice that can be applied to business.

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Juan Senor is known to discuss the following topics at conferences:

  • Innovation
  • News Broadcasting
  • Journalism & The Media
  • Fake News & Democracy
  • The Arctic