Phil Neville


British football speaker and former player Phil Neville is best known for his decade long association with Premier League team Manchester United. Now working as a coach and sports speaker Phil Neville remains an icon of British football and is popular with fans around the UK.

Beginning his career at Man U’s Youth Team, Phil Neville joined the senior team in 1995 and remained there until joining Everton, for a then record breaking fee of more than £3.5 million. Whilst at United, Neville made almost 400 appearances for the team and helped them secure no less than six Premier League trophies and three FA Cups. Still a popular after dinner speaker at Manchester based events Neville is a fan favourite and is well remembered for his more than fifteen years of service.

Neville joined Everton FC in 2006 on a five-year contract and made his debut in a UEFA Champions League qualifier where he came face to face with his former Man U colleague, Diego Forlán. Garnering a great deal of press coverage this match was child’s play compared to the game played the following weekend when Phil played against his brother, Man United player and football speaker, Gary Neville for the first time.

Neville became known for his dedication, any off-pitch rivalries were forgotten when the game began and positive attitude, willingness, and work-rate helped to make him one of the most popular Everton players. A favourite amongst both fans and for manager, the notorious David Moyes, Phil Neville became the club’s captain in 2007 and quickly became a popular sports speaker for his new club and remained such until his departure and retirement in 2013.

As well as his domestic career Phil Neville also boasted a successful international career, picked to play his first England match on his 19th birthday Neville gained almost 60 caps on the England team. He played his last match for England in 2007 but remains a popular sports speaker at English football events around the world.

Now retired Phil Neville works as an after dinner speaker and football coach, co-owner of Salford FC and he hopes to move into football management.

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When at corporate events, Phil is known to cover the following topics:

  • Sporting Success
  • Football Coaching
  • Manchester United
  • Everton FC
  • England Under 21’s