Mike Procter


Arguably amongst just a few of the most natural cricket talents of all time, Mike Procter is a cricket legend and fantastic after dinner speaker. Prevented from appearing on a national stage due to South Africa’s isolation from the sport in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Mike played for Gloucestershire Cricket Club, becoming a favourite of the fans due to his huge amount of skill and consistency of performance.

Arriving in the county in 1968, Procter strung together a number of world-class performances, immediately making an impact for his team. Within his first season, Mike almost achieved both 1000 runs and 100 wickets until a knee injury hindered his progress, stopping at 971 runs for the team’s campaign. During his second season, Procter achieved 103 wickets and guided Gloucestershire from the depths of county cricket to second in the competition.

Mike’s amazing performers led to him being decorated as Wisden’s Cricketer Of The Year for 1970 with comparisons being drawn to the great Sir Garfield Sobers. A renowned cricket speaker, Mike dealt with controversy in order to achieve peak performance on multiple occasions.

Since retiring from professional play, Procter has taken on the role of a referee for the ICC. As a referee, he officiated 47 Test Matches and 162 ODIs as well as 15 T20 matches, where his great knowledge of the game was an asset. Proctor has also worked successfully as a coach and commentator, but most recently has used his time for charity work. In Ottowa Primary School near Durban, South Africa, Proctor has fought to reduce poverty and racial barriers through the power of sport, a project brought about thought passion.

Mike’s highly successful and illustrious cricket career spanned over three decades. With a huge passion and drive to succeed, Mike is regarded as one of the great inspirational cricketers internationally. Available as an after dinner speaker, Procter breaches the subjects of top-flight sport alongside anecdotal tales of what county cricket had to give during the time. Delivering his speeches with great enthusiasm and sentiment, Mike has become highly desirable cricket speaker on the after dinner speaker circuit.

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When at corporate events, Mike is known to cover the following topics:

  • Cricket Speaker
  • Punditry
  • Peak Performance
  • Maximising Success
  • Venue Openings
  • Media Appearances
  • Conference Hosting
  • Educational Visits
  • Coaching
  • Award Ceremonies