Nikki Greenberg

World-Leading Real Estate Futurist, Technology Strategist & Founder of Real Estate of the Future

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Nikki Greenberg's official speaking topics are listed below: 

  • The Future Workplace: The Productive Office: Original tips and insights on how to make workplaces productive, preferable and profitable in the age of flexible working - In navigating the current conditions around the future of work and needs of offices, perhaps the most critical question that leaders can ask themselves is not what ‘will’, but what ‘should’ the future of the office for their organization be. Shockingly, only 32% of a person’s typical work day is spent doing work, with interruptions costing US businesses $588 Billion annually. Organizations that create ways for employees to feel (and be!) more productive at the office than at home, can elevate the office to be their employees' preferred place to work. When people are more productive during the work day, not only do they stress less and enjoy greater work-life balance, but they also make a more meaningful contribution in the work that they do. It’s a win-win for everyone. During her high energy, inspiring and entertaining keynote, world-renowned futurist Nikki Greenberg will talk about the new relationship between office-space, cyber-space, and cognitive-space. Here she will question the status-quo while showcasing workplaces experiments that are occurring around the world that have had measurable successes for workers’ wellbeing, project outcomes, and team cohesiveness. From reducing meetings which can lead to 70%+ increases in productivity, to moving away from open-planned offices which has been shown to reduce negative mood by 25% and sick days by 63%, Nikki will introduce proven ways to bring into closer alignment office-space, and the way that people want to work today.

  • The Future City: What Buildings Will Be Like When Robots Take Over. - An inspiring exploration into the impact of emerging technologies on cities and buildings into the future. During her high-energy, entertaining keynote audiences will hear about cutting-edge technologies, and be inspired by the disruptive impact that they will have in shaping the future of the built world - and are already having today. Nikki leverages her experience in leading the digital transformation of a $17 Billion global real estate portfolio, and makes the argument for why organizations cannot stand still in this ever-changing environment. Here she provides the steps that organizations can take today to be prepared for tomorrow’s increasingly tech-enabled future. This topic is for real estate audiences with an interest in the convergence of physical space and cyber space, and how the design of future-places impacts on the inhabitants of generations to come.

  • The Future Decision Makers: Gen-Z and the 2030 Opportunity. - What organizations must do today to capture the attention of the world’s largest population group, digital native Gen-Z. In 2019, Gen-Z became the largest population group globally, and by 2030, 75% of the workforce will be made up of Gen-Z and Millennials. Gen-Z, as the first generation to not know a world without the internet, and thus interact with the world in a unique way that blurs the boundary between digital and in-person realities. In understanding that Gen-Z is both your future workforce and future customer, Nikki provides insights on how to ensure that what is delivered today will meet the needs of tomorrow. Nikki translates trend data into actionable tips on how to design products that will appeal to this ‘iGeneration’. She provides guidance on how to differentiate between passing fads vs true disruptors to build loyalty with Gen-Z. As a millennial herself, Nikki shares what she believes Gen-Z has learnt from the hard lessons of the Millennial generation, to understand the actions that you should take today to get into the Gen-Z mindset.

  • The Future Workplace: The Happy Hybrid-Workplace - Hacking your workplace technology to create a happy hybrid-work experience 90% of companies expect to include remote and hybrid work, yet the challenge of how to make hybrid-work work successfully eludes many organizations. In this new world of work, it is time to take pause and redesign the way that work takes place in a way that embraces the increasingly digitized way that people interact with the world on our devices. During her high energy, humorous and light-hearted keynote, world-renowned futurist, Nikki Greenberg will talk about the 5 Tweaks to your Work Week, where she will outline ways to leverage technology to improve productivity, engagement, wellness and connection at your organization. Amongst tips on digital decluttering, productivity hacks, and designing workplaces to optimize cognition and focus, she will talk about how to create a future-ready organization. Ultimately, she will challenge the audience to consider not what ‘will’, but what ‘should’ be the future of work.

  • The Future of Shopping: The Convergence of Cyber Space & Retail Space - Omni-channel Retail Experiences in the Age of eCommerce Today, the digital space is a direct competitor with retail space. With the ever increasing dominance of e-commerce competing with the need for physical malls and shops, the competitive landscape for bricks-and-mortar locations has extended beyond beyond the physical, and into the digital realm. During her high energy and light-hearted keynote presentation, world-renowned futurist, Nikki Greenberg will share her insights having lead the digital transformation of a portfolio of 22 shopping malls, and designing world-class malls in Australia and China. Here she will discuss what is needed to create great omni-channel experiences for customers that add a level of richness to physical spaces, and how the Metavese can be leveraged in a way that the physical and digital realms converge. This keynote is created to identify the new opportunities that emerge at the intersection of physical space and cyber space, and outline the decisions that must be made today to prepare for a increasingly digital future.

  • The Future of Construction: ConTech Trends - A Glimpse into Emerging Technologies Shaping the way the World is Built There is nothing that is more exciting than getting a glimpse into the way that the built world is created - except of course for the vision of where the construction industry is heading. Already today, there have been incredible advancements in robotics, material sciences, ConTech and computer visioning that are driving the industry forward at the convergence of the digital and physical realities. With the invisible hands of automations working in the background to optimize construction sequencing, discover efficiencies, and prevent hazards before they occur, to the figurative robotic arms driving 3D printers, autonomous trucks, and drone site surveys; tomorrow’s worksites sound like science fiction, and yet these technologies are increasingly being adopted today. Alongside this accelerating drive to digitization, is a global push towards achieving net-zero, with the construction industry taking on a significant role. During her inspiring, high-energy keynote, Nikki Greenberg will discuss the trends and technologies affecting the construction industry and present a vibrant vision for its’ future inspired by NextGen technologies, insights from other industries, and global forces.

Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"What Nikki said resonated throughout the rest of the [executive board] meeting.  More than once, our asset/portfolio managers said as Nikki referenced earlier”.  It was really a perfect fit for us." - AEW Capital Management (New York)

"Nikki was so amazing and [we] are receiving rave reviews from the event attendees." - President, CREW (San Antonio)

"I believe the audience had their eyebrows raised a few times and the leaders started to think about generation Z more seriously. I hope that we get a chance to have [her] onboard again in another setting, a great way for everyone to get up to speed on the trends out there." - CBRE Global Investors 2021 (London)

"The perfect blend of charisma, levity and insight" - IBM (Washington DC)

"They thought the topic was on point for what were all going through as we transition back to work. The [audience] felt engaged and were not bored with anything. It was great -really great!!" - CREW (San Antonio)

"The feedback on her session has been amazing. A lot of different people have contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed it, but also have already been suggesting things we need to start doing as a business (or doing better) because of what she highlighted and discussed." - Frasers (Sydney, Australia)

"Im so thankful that we engaged Nikki Greenberg. It was such a great way to segway to talk about our organizations future vision" - Appraisers Foundation (Washington DC)

"It was a great one to close out on. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about the problems of today that it's great to be challenged to look ahead." - National Association of Realtors (San Antonio)

"Nikkis topic The 2030 Opportunityenabled us to all think about whats coming next, highlighting megatrends that will shape the future of our industry. [We had] an outstanding turnout and insightful event, thanks so much, Nikki!" - Opteon (Sydney, Australia)

  • 2022 - Urban Land Institute Global Luminary 2022
  • 2022 - Top 5 Most Influential Women in Real Estate by CIO Views
  • 2021 - Named as one of the 25 Most Influential Owners, Dealmakers, Creators & Innovators 
  • 2021 - LinkedIn Top 1% Engagement
  • 2021 - Top 10 Future of Work Speaker
  • 2020 - Named as a Top 100 Real Estate Executive 
  • 2020 - Mentor for Second Century Ventures 
  • 2020 - Founder & Lead Instructor for American PropTech 
  • 2019 - Founding Member of the Urban Land Institute Diversity & Inclusion Council 
  • 2019 - Co-Chair of ULI New York Real Estate Technology & Innovation Council, serving three terms
  • 2019 - Finalist in MIPIM & MetaProp Global PropTech Awards
  • 2019 - Finalist in UK PropTech Awards
  • 2018 - Founder of Real Estate of the Future & Women in PropTech 
  • 2018 - Founding Member of the NYC ULI Real Estate Technology & Innovation Council 
  • 2017 - Director of Innovation & Marketing for Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing 
  • 2015 - Co-founder of Propelle- Connections in Property 
  • 2014 - Marketing & Public Relations Committee Chair of the National Association of Women in Construction