Lawrence Kasanoff

Hollywood Film Producer Whose Credits Include Terminator 2 & Mortal Kombat

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How a little crazy goes a long way

Everyone wants to innovate, but most use tried and true methods. This is dead wrong! You cannot be unusual by following a usual path. You have to foster a culture of eccentricity and yes, a bit of madness, to truly innovate. Larry reveals his unique creative process at events, including how he uses a 'touch of the madness' to break boundaries. 


Lessons from unlikely places & people

The film business is full of charming, eccentric iconoclasts who break the rules. Using often outrageous stories from people like these, Larry explains how he embraced these people and the lessons learned that apply across the board. This speaking topic explores the many different personalities found in the workplace, and how different ways of thinking lead to innovation.


Hollywood Producer's Guide to Problem-Solving

A great producer never lets anything stop them from getting the shot - not actors who will not come out of their trailers, deranged directors, or gunshots from perturbed locals. What most corporate types perceive as enormous problems would barely raise the heartbeat of a capable producer because in Hollywood, no one keeps their word and everyone has an angle. You’ll learn some of the tricks of the trade to stay calm in the perfect storm.


A World of Opportunities

Forget about supply chain hiccups and clogged shipping lines. Technology now raises globalization to a new level because we can create for the world and create with the world. Using a case study from his recent animated feature film for Universal, Bobbleheads, starring Cher, Larry Kasanoff explains how, with the help of new tech from Microsoft and Nvidia, they created a worldwide production platform that included artists, animators, and technical experts in the US, Nepal and all over India. Not only did it withstand the pandemic and two cyclones, but it allowed the filmmakers to infuse into the movie the cultural aspects of all these countries.  So globalization is also now inclusivity and diversification.

"On behalf of IBM Corporation, I would like to thank you for participating in the IBM case study profiling Threshold Animation Studios. Your experience with IBM serves as an important example of how collaboration and technology-enabled solutions can drive business value and accelerate the attainment of short- and long-term goals.

"Through your groundbreaking, real-time animation process you have found a new way to more affordably and quickly bring quality digital entertainment to market, and we are honored to have been a part of it.

"Your vision and leadership not only create real and lasting business benefits, but also reinforce your value to your customers, your partners, and the marketplace at large."

- Jeff, Vice President at IBM 

“Threshold is the next generation Pixar”

- USA Today

”Threshold is on the threshold of a new concept in Hollywood”


“Threshold (is spinning) gold from digital threads.”

- The New York Times

"There’s a company of technowizards called Threshold Entertainment – it’s amazing the worlds they can create.”

- Entertainment Tonight

”Threshold turns out as much content… as most studios a thousand times its size.”

- Chicago Tribune

“The Maestro of ‘Mortal Kombat’ has seen the future of film production – and it’s right around the corner.”

- The Hollywood Reporter

  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Threshold Entertainment Group
  • Former President and Co-Founder of Lightstorm Entertainment
  • Founder and Chairman of Blackbelt TV
  • Producer of all 'Mortal Kombat' films
  • Produced one of MTV's top videos of the year - 'You Could Be Mine' with Gun’s ‘N Roses

Larry's Technological Innovations in Filmmaking:

  • 'Making Michael Jackson's Thriller' – The First 1,000,000 Home Video
  • 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day – The First Morphing in a Movie
  • 'Mortal Kombat' – The First Hit Movie Based on a Video Game
  • 'Star Trek: Borg Adventure' – The First Stereoscopic 3D Steadicam Shot
  • Disney World's Mission: Space – The First Theme Park Simulator Attraction to pull 2.5 Gs
  • Marvel Superheroes 4D, London – First Time Marvel Characters Together in Stereoscopic 3D, Projected on a 360 Degree Dome.
  • 'Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers' – The First Feature-Length Film Based on LEGO
  • 'Spiderman, Universal Studios Orlando' – First of Only Two Moving Points of 3D Convergence Rides in the World
  • 'Bobbleheads: The Movie' – First time CGI movie rendered in GPU in Azure Cloud, in collaboration with Microsoft and NVIDIA