Five Easy Steps On How To Book The Perfect Celebrity For Your Event

A celebrity face at an event can give it a significant boost in a number of ways. Not only is hiring a celebrity likely to peak people’s interest in your event but it can also add extra credibility to proceedings.

For many people, they may want to book a celebrity for an appearance or speaking engagement at their event, but they might not know how to go about it. This is where the Champions Speakers agency come in. We have a whole host of stars from the world of sport, entertainment, business and politics on our books, all of whom can make a significant impact at every event they attend. We have compiled a guide on how you can book a celebrity for your event.

Know Your Audience

conference audience

Every event is different, and therefore each audience is also different. Where one celebrity may be suitable for a certain audience, someone completely different may be required for another. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you make sure that the celebrity you decide on perfectly aligns with your audience.

One way you can do this is to asses the demographic of your audience and then book a celebrity speaker accordingly.

Get Your Budget Right


There is no getting away from it, booking a celebrity will come with a fee. However, the size of this fee can vary dramatically. With this in mind, before you make any decisions regarding a celebrity speaker, you need to get your budget right.

Work out how much you can spend on the speaker, taking into account other expenses that an event requires. Once you have a better idea of your budget it will help you to narrow down your choices. This will make the decision making process much easier.

Do Your Research

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is a favourite when it comes to after dinner and keynote speaking at events.

The bigger the name doesn’t necessarily mean the better the speaker. You may already have a personality in mind but make sure that before you go ahead and book them straight away, you have researched previous speaking events they have done. You can do this by asking for testimonials, watching videos of old events or simply finding out if there are any reviews that have been written about them online.

This will be really beneficial when it comes to making decisions on who to book as you will already have some idea of how your chosen celebrity conducts themselves in a speaking environment.

Know what you want

alan sugar

Available to book for corporate events, Lord Alan Sugar offers fantastic insight into the world of business.

There is a plethora of different celebrity speakers out there, and all of them are capable at delivering incredible after dinner talks. However, whilst they are all fantastic speakers, they often have different purposes. Some may be brought to events simply to share fascinating anecdotes from their careers, while others are experts in motivating and inspiring audiences in a range of ways.

You need to identify what you want to achieve from your event, in other words, what the point of it is. Once you know this it will make choosing a celebrity to book so much simpler.

Use An Agency


The process of booking a celebrity for an event can be overwhelming. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to booking a speaker, even if you have narrowed down the list of parameters previously mentioned.

So, why not get an agency on board to help with the rest? Not only will they be able to take away the inconvenience and time consuming nature of seeking out the perfect speaker, but they are also experts in their field meaning you will receive the very best level of service.

Whether you have someone specific in mind, or simply require a list of recommendations to help you may an informed choice, an after dinner speakers agency can do it all.

Here at the Champions Speakers agency, we have a whole host of celebrities for hire and celebrities for advertising campaigns available on our books. To book somebody, contact us by filling in our online contact form or by calling one of our booking agents directly on 0207 1010 553.