Jack Etienne

ESports Entrepreneur & Founder of Cloud9

Jack Etienne is a powerful businessman and founder of highly regarded eSports organisation Cloud9. Jack’s company has teams playing at the top of their game internationally across a number of divisions. From passion, to profit Jack is a fascinating entrepreneur in the eSports world that, as a speaker, draws on his experiences in dealing in new industries, scouting out sponsorship and applying his business acumen to develop the eSports stars of today.

A chance encounter with Team Solomid led to an interest in eSports and ultimately a life-changing business decision. Jack purchased Quantic Gaming’s League of Legends roster in 2013, which was his first successful team. Creating the Los Angeles based company, which was later named Cloud 9, was the first step into eSports for Jack. Over a decade later he now has teams competing and winning in all major divisions including Overwatch, Fortnite, and CounterStrike- Global Offensive.

Cloud9 has had unprecedented success internationally. 2018 was a high point for Cloud9 after the Rocket League team claimed their first Rocket League championship and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team was the first North American team to win a Major Championship when they came first in the ELEAGUE Boston 2018. This hugely successful year saw the team awarded the ESports Organisation of the Year 2018, a great triumph for owner Jack Etienne.

Off the back of Cloud9’s achievements in North America, Jack set up the London based franchise ‘London Spitfire’ in 2019. This team rose to the top, after being seen as the underdogs, to win the Overwatch League Grand Finals in 2018.

As the owner of an impressive roster, Jack was named as the Game Shakers’ Shaker of the Year 2019 in recognition of the work he has done to make eSports a mainstream success. Jack has managed to raise funds and sponsorship for his teams from traditional sports organisations such as WWE, which has contributed to eSports being seen as a serious sport. Recently four of his Cloud9 teams achieved top-level international success.

The first eSports conference was held in 2019 with Jack invited to be the keynote speaker. At IGEC 2019 Jack spoke about the future of eSports and how he aims to remain in the industry for years to come. He also joined the panel at eSports BAR Cannes to discuss developing the sport.

His insight, as a leader of one of the best eSports companies, is invaluable. As a speaker, Jack will share his knowledge of the industry, passion for gaming, and the challenges he has faced managing a multilingual team and obtaining the funds to sustain a relatively unknown field.

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  • ESports
  • Professional Gaming
  • Business Management
  • Business Speaker
  • Future Technology

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