Joey Page

Exceptional Comedian

A personality who personifies comedy, Joey Page certainly is eccentric. Renowned for his undeniable wit and instantly recognisable outfits, Page is somewhat of an undiscovered diamond within the world of entertainment. Housing a surreal ‘indie like style of comedy’, this trailblazing comedian is making waves on the circuit with truly unique and inventive content.

Not only is Page’s content spectacular, but Joey also has an infectious personality and presence that immediately captures the attention of his audience as he expertly utilises his charisma to build a rapport which heightens the experience! The style and subject matter of his material is unlike that of any other out there, making him one of the most unique and memorable acts you will see. Undoubtedly the up and coming stand up on the circuit, Joey Page is available to hire for events, dinners and functions across the UK where he is certain to leave a lasting impression and bring a dynamic dimension to any occasion.

With a number of years of experience, Page has established himself at doing opening twenties and has attended such prestigious gigs as Fymfig bar, Amused Moose, Funny Bunnies, Comedy Tree, Happy Mondays, Sunday Special, the Kings Head Theatre, Pleasance Theatre and The Bloomsbury Theatre. Having also gigged regularly for CkP, Off The Kerb and Mirth control, Joey Page has an incredibly impressive and extensive résumé!

Famous of his enchanting surreal comedy, Joey Page has been described as an antidote to the woes of the world, as he has a tremendous ability to take you through the tangled joy of his charmingly childlike logic. Creating a world of uniquely offbeat characters and tall tales of fancy, Page is suitable for any event or function, no matter how big or small the magnitude. A special talent that can transform even the most serious occasions into hysterics, Page is a must for your event!

Noted for his flamboyant rockstar dress sense, Joey Page is as unique and mischievous off stage as he is on stage. A dazzling maverick of colour and sound constantly flitting from one notion of excitement to the next. Convinced as a child he wanted to be a wrestler, dinosaur or spaceman he has had to settle for becoming a stand-up and an outstanding one at that. When not pretentiously hanging about town as a dandy fop, Joey embroils himself in the small matters of writing a sitcom and developing ideas for tv and radio atop of expanding his wondrous collections of trilbys and brooches.

The Never Mind The Buzzcocks star and Radio 1 phenomenon, Joey Page is an exciting talent that is ready to share his brilliance and bring joy to the world. If you are looking for an addition like no other for your next event, look no further! Joey Page is one of the most exciting comics of the present day.

To book Joey Page as the entertainment for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.