Zoltan Istvan


A highly-regarded technology expert, Zoltan Istvan is best known for his appearances and speeches for The Joe Rogan Experience, Microsoft and The Global Leaders Forum. Zoltan has made headlines and captured the world’s attention as a leading transhumanist – advocating for the merging of humans with machinery to overcome death with science. His bestselling book The Transhumanist Wager is often used in educational institutes to explore the thoughts and technology behind the movement, as well as the positive and negative effects it may have on the future of humanity.

In his early career, Zoltan was a journalist for both The New York Times syndicate and The National Geographic Channel. Since establishing himself as a thought-leader and acclaimed futurist, he has travelled to more than 100 countries and has become a columnist at Vice. He travels across the world to deliver his thoughts, opinions and research into futurism, artificial intelligence and transhumanism to captivated audiences and academics each year.

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See what people had to say about Zoltan when they hired him for corporate events here:

“Zoltan Istvan is the leader of assorted ‘biohackers’ attempting to merge humans & machines.” – Evening Standard

“Zoltan Istvan is polite and charismatic… He has a plausibly presidential aura.” – The New York Times

“Thank you for sharing your insights. Your comments broadened our understanding of transhumanism and the merger of humans and machines. You have had a direct impact on our viewpoints for future concepts.”– James, US Navy