Charles Radclyffe

Technology Enthusiast, Innovator & Speaker

Charles Radclyffe has a passion for technology and ethics, applying them together in his own unique way. He believes that ethics are imperative to the process of innovation to make the world a better place, and that ethics shows us why innovation is moving in the manner it is currently.

With a background in Law, attending Cambridge University, Radclyffe has always admitting to his soft spot for tech and sold technology and innovations throughout his career, highlighting his business skills.

Radclyffe moved onto taking over BIPB, a performance consultancy for businesses, which is now a key player in the industry.

As a speaker, he is highly engaging and always brings a new insight on matter, one aspect of Radclyffe as a speaker which makes him special is his refusal to regurgitate previous thoughts, this keeps his ideas moving forward.

One of Radclyffe’s great achievements was when he hosted a TED Talk (TEDxBristol) where he shed a positive, hopeful light on the effect advances in technology cause. This was performed in front of 1,000 present viewers with thousands more online.

If you are looking for an innovative, technology passionate speaker to get the ball rolling at your next event, Charles Radclyffe is the perfect fit.

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  • Ethics
  • Programming & Coding
  • Technology
  • Robotics
  • Automation

“Charles talks big data like no one else! He is a very inspiring and captivating speaker that communicates complicated technical topics in a simple, direct and humorous manner.”
Elena Poughia, MDDataconomy
FounderData Natives