Andreas Weigend


An expert in big data, consumer behaviour and the future of technology, Andreas Weigand is the former Chief Scientist at, and a preeminent advisor who has worked with global names including Alibaba, Goldman Sachs, Lufthansa and the World Economic Forum.

An obsessive on the study of people and the way people use and create data, Andreas is renowned for his thorough examination of data – which he uses to determine strategy and inform on customer culture. Engaging audiences with his customer-centric strategies, as well as ideas and innovations, few people have such a depth of understanding in the field.

A pioneer in the social data revolution, Andreas shares the knowledge learned through his years of experience with Amazon and the Social Lab Data, in his 2017 book, Data for the People: How to Make Our Post-Privacy Economy Work For You. The book explains how the use of open data can make businesses and people richer and better informed.

Tackling the important questions we face in the digital era today, as both a leading consultant and author, he has helped startups and major businesses to extract more meaningful data insights.

He teaches a course entitled Social Data Revolution at the University of California at Berkeley and utilising his past history as a computer scientist, he can speak on several areas of expertise. Some of these include big data, incentive design, personalisation, recommender systems, metrics and measurements as well as consumer behaviour.

Working on projects with global clients as well as speaking at international events, Andreas has given keynote presentations at the Federal Trade Commission’s symposium on Comprehensive Data Collection.

He has also spoken at Mastercard’s International Advisory Board meeting, the TATA Innovation Forum and The World Marketing Forum, just to name a few of the high-profile events where his vast comprehension of the role big data has to play in marketing and consumerism – has been widely sought.

A fascinating character, whose success speaks for itself, Andreas Weigend can give your big data team the boost it needs to make the best use of the depth of information available to us.

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