Jonathan MacDonald


A world-renowned speaker on change, innovation, transformation and the future, Jonathan MacDonald offers a unique presentation to benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. With reference to his extensive background as an entrepreneur, early adopter of blockchain and an investor, Jonathan can compel audiences on a number of topics.

Over the course of his career, Jonathan has led the execution of digital and commercial strategies across the globe. At the cutting-edge of his craft, he has been trusted by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, IKEA, Google, LEGO, Nestlé and Unilever to challenge their thinking.

Outside of advising some of the world’s best-performing companies, Jonathan’s achievements include penning The Sunday Times bestselling book, Powered By Change, implementing a digital strategy for the Ministry of Sound, becoming the youngest chairman of the British Music Industries Association and launching a Sky TV channel. He is a regular contributor to established publications including Forbes, Google’s Think Insights and has delivered a number of talks with global reach, including three TEDx talks.

Speeches from Jonathan MacDonald include What We Don’t Know at a TEDx talk in Warsaw, Unlocking the Main Thing at a TEDx talk in Porto and If Mandela Had Tweeted at a TEDx Youth event in Manchester, as well as various high-profile conferences such as Digitalk 2015 and TNW Conference Europe 2013.

A prolific blogger and Tweeter, Jonathan regularly reaches over 100,000 people on his blog alone, while balancing his role as a keynote speaker and columnist with his entrepreneurial projects. In 2009 he co-founded business consultancy firm, This Fluid World, before founding the Thought Expansion Network in 2014, dedicated to exploring the way we think to ensure greater success. In 2016, he also became the Chief Strategy Officer at Moneycatcha Pty Ltd, helping to build the future of loan origination using advanced blockchain technology.

Offering lessons in leadership, motivation and overcoming adversity, in addition to compelling speeches on innovation, entrepreneurism, blockchain, business strategy and transformation, there are few available on the speaking circuit with such a strong track record.

A thought-leader able to support the progression of any business no matter their size, Jonathan MacDonald is a must-have speaker for any leaders looking to gain fresh perspective and generate exciting innovations.

When at corporate events Jonathan MacDonald covers the following topics:

  • Blockchain & FinTech
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Commercial Strategy