Haiyan Wang

Professor Of Strategy At INSEAD & Managing Partner of China India Institute

Strategy expert and respected columnist, Haiyan Wang, is a popular choice for business events as a management speaker. Covering such topics as international affairs, emerging markets and global mindsets, she formulates winning strategies to international success. As a speaker, Haiyan’s reach is global. As soon as she steps onto the stage her passion for business is palpable, encouraging her audience to develop their own strategies for success.

Haiyan has been a consultancy expert and manager of multinational businesses for decades. From China to the United States, she has played a part in the success of several high profile industries, like finance and technology. Boasting an impressive career history, she has managed one of China’s largest conglomerates, led international partnerships and been a project managemer.

As a testament to her invaluable experience and expertise, Haiyan is considered to be one of the greatest business minds in modern history. Shortlisted for the 2011 Global Village Award, she was listed as one of the Thinkers 50 in On the Guru Radar. The Economic Times even cited Haiyan as a “New Guru”, in response to her exceptional consultancy ability. Haiyan frequently advises clients on their business strategies, using her international career to produce profitable results. Thanks to her global presence, she has featured at prominent conferences worldwide, focusing on the rise of economies like China and India.

Haiyan is a well-respected columnist for such publications as Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Chief Executive, The Economic Times, China Daily, The Times of India and Chief Executive magazine. Her writing is regarded as informative and reliable, frequently referenced by experts of the industry. Due to her unbeatable knowledge, she has also featured in numerous interviews for CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, India Today, INSEAD Knowledge, and other prominent business media.

As a speaker, Haiyan is the definition of versatile. Her adaptable speech topics mean that Haiyan is a key figure at a wide range of events, from industry conventions to business conferences. Passionate and knowledgeable, she explores complex topics with ease, taking the audience on a journey through potential business strategies.

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When at corporate events, Haiyan is known to cover the following topics:

  • The Re-emergence of China and India
  • Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage
  • Cultivating a Global Mindset
  • Competing with Dragons and Tigers on the Global Stage
  • The Global Enterprise in 2020