Chad Hurley


Best known for being the co-founder and former CEO of the leading video-sharing website YouTube, Chad Hurley is one of the biggest media moguls of the 21st century.

Voted the 28th on the Business 2.0’s 50 People Who Matter Now list, Chad has worked with and advised some of the biggest and most well known online companies in the world. Before developing YouTube, Chad spent some time working in eBay’s PayPal division, where his primary focus was on user interface and thus designed the original PayPal logo.

During the early stages of his career it was clear that Chad had a major interest in technology and the online world. Having displayed remarkable artistic skills as a child and an entrepreneurial spirit, Chad sold his artwork during school time and even set up his own shop outside his house. He graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1999.

Chad will forever be remembered for his influence and development of YouTube. After setting up the video sharing website, YouTube quickly became one of the web’s fastest-growing sites, and was soon ranked as the 10th most popular website just a year after its launch. In 2006, Chad and Steve Chen (another co-founder), sold YouTube to Google for a massive $1.65 billion, however Chad stayed on as CEO for another 4 years before passing the ropes onto Salar Kamangar.

As an entrepreneur and investor, Chad has been involved in a number of major organisations and investments, such as the US F1 Team, the NBA Golden State Warriors and the MLS Los Angeles Football Club.

After selling YouTube, Chad went on to develop a number of other businesses. Launching the internet company, AVOS Systems, and then co-founding another video sharing website called MixBit in 2013, Chad incorporated AVOS’ system into MixBit to become one online application.

A leading expert in his field, Chad Hurley is an inspirational figure that provides highly detailed and engaging speeches drawing from his incredible successful career in technology as well as discussing topics and sharing knowledge on a number of subjects to do with the world wide web, social media, advances in technology, digital disruption, and managing an online business.

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When at corporate events, Chad is known to cover:

  • The World Wide Web
  • Social Media
  • Advances in Technology
  • Digital Disruption
  • Managing Online Business
  • Business Management