Lord Andrew Adonis PC

Former Secretary Of State For Transport

Lord Andrew Adonis has played roles in government as both a political advisor and minister, working as a key architect of public service reforms in education, local government, health and transport during the Blair administration. His view of the political landscape during his career combined with his broad experience of challenging leadership and change management make Andrew a compelling after dinner and keynote political speaker.

Andrew was appointed as Minister for Children, Schools and Families in 2005. Andrew encouraged state schools to adopt practices of the private sector whilst giving them more autonomy and independence from central government. Adonis became the driving force behind the implementation of new ‘academies’, with the hope of transforming failing and under-performing schools. By the time he left the role in 2008, 133 were open with another 300 in the pipeline.

Andrew took a cabinet role in 2009 during Gordon Brown’s administration as Minister for State and Transport. A pioneer of the High Speed 2 rail plan, Andrew proposed the new infrastructure stretching from London to Birmingham and into the North of England. His initial plans have been taken on in a largely unchanged form by the coalition government.

Andrew was a key figure in the 2010 General Election, during the resulting hung parliament, he was a core negotiator into trying to construct a ‘Lib-Lab’ coalition. However, after the Conservative and Liberal Party joined forces, Andrew stepped down from frontline politics. Lord Andrew Adonis is also a political author, publishing many books concerning the inner workings of parliament along with political history and ideology. Andrew’s after dinner and keynote speeches are delivered with passion and conviction. Andrew’s hard working nature and passion for improving government provision inspires audiences to see the bigger picture and maximise success in their own lives.

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When at corporate events, Andrew is known to cover the following topics:

  • Politics Speaker
  • Brexit & The EU
  • Current Affairs
  • Education & Transport
  • Drive & Determination

“Lord Andrew was fantastic at the conference and gave a really superb speech. The delegates were raving about his presentation style and flow of speech also. He really was superb. Many thanks for your assistance also Izzy, it was much appreciated.” – Anne Marie Clarke, Engineers Ireland