Alan Johnson

Labour Party Politican

Former Labour Party MP Alan Johnson is a highly respected politics speaker with experience serving in both local and national government and has served as the MP for West Hull and Hessle since 1997.

Now a dedicated politics speaker Alan Johnson often appears at both business and political after dinner speaker events, his experience in government and personal passion for politics has made him both a knowledgeable and captivating guest and keynote speaker and has taken him to events around the world.

Before establishing himself as an after dinner speaker Johnson’s career began with a role in the Department of Trade and Industry. He had a long, active and versatile government career; after spending four years at the DTI he moved to work within the Department of Education and Skills where he worked to ensure that students in Higher Education gained the greatest skills and education as possible. Despite leaving school at only 15 Johnson was a champion of the Educational field, and continues to speak passionately about the state of British Education in his work as a politics speaker.

In 2007 Alan Johnson became Secretary of State for Health and, whilst under Gordon Brown’s parliamentary leadership and then later ran for deputy leadership and first leadership. As a political keynote speaker Alan is able to draw upon not only his vast experience within the cabinet but also discuss the competitiveness inherent in governmental politics. He is a passionate and intelligent individual whose personality comes to fore in all his work as an after dinner speaker.

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