Paula Reid

3rd British Woman To Ski The South Pole, Adventurer And Performance Catalyst

Sportswoman and motivational speaker Paula Reid is only the third British woman to successfully complete the challenging 1000km trek Antarctic continent to the Geographic South Pole. A truly admirable and determined person Paula is one of few people to ever successfully ski full distance to The South Pole and now works as a motivational speaker at events across Europe.

Beginning her challenge at the Filchner Ice Shelf on the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent at 82⁰20 South Paula Reid successfully reached the Geographic South Pole at 90⁰ South in less than fifty days. Now working as a motivational speaker Paula Reid travels the UK discussing her experience as a sportswoman and using her insights into the human psyche, perseverance and determination to offer advice to those looking to reach life goals and attain business success.

A trip that involved pulling more than 80kg across one of the most inhospitable environments of the world Paula’s experience as a mountaineer and adventurer required a great deal of personal strength and much determination. Ensuring she found the energy and will power to climb for 12 hours every day (eventually completing an awe inspiring 11,000 feet) in temperatures below –40°C; battling against severe wind chill and storms there were many moments when Paula feared she would fail in her life-long dream, however, her moving and engaging motivational speaker presentations, alongside her numerous awards, demonstrate that, thanks to her own personal strength she successfully achieved this death-defying challenge.

Paula Reid is an adventurer at heart, her work as a motivational speaker seeks to inspire people from all walks of life; she encourages others to take risks, work hard and aim high; write a list of things to do before you die, suggests Paula, and live your life to the full, pushing yourself to the limits and enjoying every moment on offer! As well as working as a motivational speaker and polar explorer Paula Reid has completed a number of other successful expeditions including a ground-breaking canoe expedition where she paddled 600 miles down the Mekong River and kayaked The Thames from source to sea. She also sailed as part of a core crew around the world in the ten-month Global Challenge Yacht Race.

Paula has been to 56 countries and achieved 108* of her ‘things to do before she dies’ including: fire walking; glacier trekking; Hadrian’s Wall; The London Marathon; walking from coast-to-coast; trekking in West Papua; bog-snorkelling and even great white shark diving.

To book Paula Reid as the motivational speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Paula is known to cover the following topics:

  • Achieving Ambitious Goals
  • Living Life To The Full
  • Resilience
  • Personal Motivation
  • Positive Psychology
  • Incremental Gains

See what feedback Paula received, when she appeared at corporate events, below:

“Paula is great! She’s interesting, full of humor yet serious and know how to connect & relate her personal story to business insights. Everyone was fascinated by her and told us it was both inspiring & interesting. So… I have only warm recommendation for her.” – VP Marketing, Tiny Love

“Many thanks – you were absolutely brilliant and inspiring yesterday.  What a story you had to tell, and you told it beautifully.  I could almost hear the guys in the audience revving up as you talked!  PS You were right: your ‘big wave pix’ were way better than mine!” – CEO, RNLI

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the presentation last night by Paula. The talk was exciting, interesting, and very well presented through an excellent speaker and backed up by wonderful video clips and photographs (and appropriate music!). Please continue with these excellent choice of speakers. I learnt a lot about how these epic events carried out by these individuals and the experiences and knowledge they gain can be passed on to others to improve their leadership skills in the NHS.” — Leadership Forum, Plymouth Hospitals 

“I have seen quite a few sportsmen/adventurers as business speakers now, but Paula was amongst the best at making her experiences relevant to the business needs of the members present. The group loved it and gave the session an overall score of 9.5 (four 10’s!) – a great result.” – Chair, Academy of Chief Executives

“… the presentation was amazing, you did a really good job with good links – great lessons from your experiences – “a big thumbs up” – SpecSavers