Lewis Hatchett


Lewis Hatchett is a former professional cricket player turned motivational speaker. After hiding his condition for so long. Luke is telling the story of how he made it to the top level of professional cricket, despite having a physical disability, Poland Syndrome. Lewis began his cricketing days playing backyard cricket with his brother, progressing forward to signing his first professional contract.

With 27 First-Class, 16 List A Cricket and 10 T20 appearances to his name, Lewis was blossoming into a huge name within cricket before he was advised to retire from the game on medical grounds.

Discover the challenges, obstacles and insecurities that the condition poses on a day-to-day basis, learn how Lewis overcame obstacles to achieve great things, along with the principles he has taken from his incredibly unique journey. It’s not all about cricket. His vision is on overcoming insecurities, improving body image, self-confidence, in a world of media that lowers the self-esteem of the masses. Lewis overcame his view of his body to reveal it in public.

Whether it is overcoming adversity, becoming motivated, instilling enthusiasm, standing out or creating the best version of you. Unearthing your full potential is possible, we sometimes just need the right words, guidance or even starting point, to get us on our way.

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When at corporate events, Lewis is known to cover the following topics:

  • Overcome Adversity
  • Working Harder
  • Standing Out Amongst Others
  • Cricket Speaking