Lars Sudmann

Expert On Global Leadership & Change

Leading business advisor, consultant, author and keynote speaker, Lars Sudmann is an executive trainer that specialises in coaching global corporations and individuals on leadership, strategy, innovation and communication. A highly regarded speaker, Lars provides insight into high performance leadership, mastering virtual, global and complex environments, improving communication skills and engaging an innovative mindset.

Founder of Sudmann & Company, a consulting and management training network, Lars has had the opportunity to advise a range of national and international businesses to great success. Some of his most notable clients include Microsoft, Shell, Roche, Merck, Deutsche Post DHL, General Electric plus many more.

As a result of his vast high-profile business experience, Lars has become one of the top European speakers on leadership and thus is often asked to feature in various media publications and broadcasts, such as FastCompany and the BBC. A regular TEDx speaker, Lars has led discussions on great leadership, public speaking, the spaghetti principle of innovation and transforming organisations. As an expert on high-performance leadership, Lars’ presentations are ideal for corporate events, conferences and training sessions.

Not only this, but Lars has lectured at a number of universities on business leadership, organisational change and innovation in communication. Some of these universities include the University of Braunschweig, University of Lüneburg, and the RWTH Aachen University.

A true professional, Lars works with you to identify the ideal topic of discussion for your event. Using a range of highly engaging and interactive techniques, Lars analyses and discusses what makes business and individuals successful by drawing on his own business experience and knowledge. Most recently, Lars co-authored a book based around business presentations and public speaking called The Smart Presenter. The book shares details and answers questions that Lars has been asked throughout the years on how to be a better presenter and public speaker.

To book Lars Sudmann for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency using the contact details below.

When at corporate events, Lars is known to cover the following topics

  • High-Performance Leadership
  • Leading In The New World Mastering Virtual, Global and Complex Environments
  • Change Leadership: Key To Success In a Changing World
  • The Inspirational Leader Speak Like a Leader – Mastering Communication Skills
  • Innovation Mindset