Dr Jacques Attali

President Of PlaNet Finance

Former advisor to president Francois Mitterand and first president himself of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Dr Jacques Attali has founded the non-profit organisation Planet Finance and is a pre-eminent finance speaker. The chairman of an international consulting firm in Paris, Jacques forecasts a global economy on a daily basis, making him a wonderful business speaker in both times of economic uncertainty, recession and growth.

A leading economic theorist, Jacques has obtained degrees from elite French ‘grandes écoles’, and taught economics at a number of leading French universities. With experience as a lecturer and finance speaker, Jacques is a consummate professional who combines theory and real world application to any subject he speaks of.

The author of over thirty books from econometrics to music and novels, Jacques has seen his publications translated into over 20 different languages. A testament to his extensive knowledge of economics and sociology, Attali’s words are used to forecast the future for a number of authorities and corporate bodies. An emotive and intriguing finance speaker, Jacques client-tailored speeches make for a compelling event or function that is sure to leave audience members more aware of key factors within a worldwide economy.

Nominated by former French President Nikolas Sarkozy as head of the commission for French growth, Attali holds a central position bridging the gap between politics and economics that allows him to show disparities between economic policy and theory. Jacque can offer varying types of talks and presentations including keynote speeches and after dinner speeches differing in length to suit the event’s proceedings. Fluent in both English and French, Attali appeals as a business speaker to a number of audiences and nationalities across Europe and the wider world.

A highly sought after and decorated political figure with an abundance of knowledge, experience and wisdom within the world of finance, Attali is exceptionally well placed to deliver insightful, informative and engaging anecdotes and advice that can make a major impact on businesses around the world. Given his stature within finance having worked closely with notable political figures and consulting firms, Dr Jacques Attali is able to discuss important historic events that have impacted global finance in addition to making educated provisions about what the future of finance could look like not only for the Europe but also the world, a topic that is very topical given the imminent nature of Brexit.

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When at corporate events, Jacques is known to cover the following topics:

  • Finance Speaker
  • Business Speaker
  • Global Economics
  • Forecasting & Prediction
  • Politics & Business