Amelia Kallman

Innovation & Technology Communicator

A leading London futurist, author and after dinner speaker, Amelia Kallman is an expert in innovation and technology that eloquently communicates, writes and consults businesses on the impact technology will have on businesses in the future. An expert on the emerging risks of The New Realities, (VR-AR-MR) having recently written a cutting-edge report for Lloyds of London, Kallman capabilities stretch to specialising in the future of retail, AI, and IoT, all of which are pressing and incredibly relevant topics for the future of corporations around the world.

An immensely engaging, educational, entertaining and informative speaker that is a highly sought after speaker, Amelia Kallman is available to hire as an after dinner speaker for a host of events, dinners and functions across the UK through the Champions Speakers Agency.

Heralding from a theatrical background, Amelia’s career with the technology and innovation career took off by chance in 2013 during her engagement at a creative technology agency where her obvious potential and impressive ability led her to become the company’s Global Head of Innovation. Operating, opening and curating innovation lounges in both London and Dubai, Kallman works with both start-ups and corporate clients to develop connections and future-proof strategies that guarantee sustainability within an extremely competitive climate.

Currently working to discover and bring attention to inventive start-ups, regularly curating events for WIRED UK alongside her engagements as an after-dinner speaker where she is in great demand due to her polished performances and vital content.

Coming from a non-traditional technology background, Amelia has a truly unique talent for making the complex accessible, a skill we all wish we had! Following her decision to go freelance in 2017, Amelia Kallman has become a globally acclaimed and sought after speaker worldwide. An independent futurist, clients often find Amelia’s style frank, unbiased, and ethical as her exhaustive assessments are somewhat a refreshing contrast to speakers who endorse, sell and market.

Lecturing at Cambridge University, the incredibly talented Kallman has written a multi-award winning book and directed the first burlesque show in 360° video showcasing her tremendous skill set and versatility. In 2016, Amelia Kallman led an experiment that measured the emotional data of people aged 3-80 as they experienced virtual reality for the first time, a fascinating study which she not only discusses during her talks but delves into, Kallman is a must for any event!

With her writing often featuring in WIRED UKIBC365, and The Big Reveal, her popular monthly innovation newsletter, as Amelia works on her next book and continues to share her expertise with clients around the world, if you are looking for a revolutionary innovator that can set you or your business up for massive success in a constantly evolving world, Amelia Kallman is a wonderful speaker that is certain to deliver a transformational and unforgettable experience.

To book Amelia Kallman to make a personal appearance at your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Amelia is known to cover the following topics:

  • Futurism Speaker
  • Business Speaker
  • Virtual Reality
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Peformance
  • Overcoming Adversity