Donal O’Neill

"Cereal Killer" Film Maker

British actor and documentary film maker Donal O’Neill is working to raise public awareness about the health implications of diet and how to help prevent heart disease. Previously living under the assumption that all fat is bad for one’s diet the actor was surprised to learn that a healthy diet must include some fat and that eating the right amount of the right kind of fats can even help prevent heart disease.

An ex-sportsman, Donal comes from a family whose history is plagued by heart disease, working as an actor and presenter for the documentary film Cereal Killers Donal has become an internet sensation and has been called upon to appear on a variety of TV shows and famous chat show couches.

Dedicated to the cause Donal has yet to work as an actor on any further projects, however his future looks to be filled with inspiring and enlightening films about the myths of diet and health that many of us live by. Outside of his work as a film maker and actor Donal O’Neill has also presented a series of TED talks covering similar issues of diet and health.

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When at corporate events, Donal is known to cover the following topics:

  • Heart Disease
  • The Health Implications Of Dieting
  • Health & Medicine
  • Film & Television
  • Spreading Your Message