Roger Nathan


Roger Nathan has been racing, constructing and tuning cars, since the early 1960s. A motorsport legend, he established himself in the industry in the 60s, had an illustrious career in the decades that followed, and has since shared his experiences with fans and audiences worldwide.

Beginning with racing Lotus Elites, before moving into construction and developing Hillman Imps tuning kits, Nathan’s first full racing season began in 1963. Aged only twenty years old, he won the National Autosport Championship, establishing himself as the youngest driver to do so. An incredible achievement so early in his career. He went on to develop and use the open Costin-Nathan prototype in 1966, winning five races and setting five class lap records in the prototype.

Additionally, Nathan also drove the closed Costin-Nathan GT prototype alongside Mike Beckwith in the Le Mans 24 hours. Unfortunately, the vehicle did not complete the race and was retired with electrical issues in hour five.

Not letting minor hurdles hold him back, Roger won 13 trophies in 1964 driving a Brabham BT8 Climax 2ltr. His titles included the: Aintree Trophy, Martini International Trophy, Daily Mirror Trophy, and the Onyx Trophy – and settling five new lap records along the way. Only a year later, he won the Ouston Gold Cup and set an outright circuit record in the same car, replacing the engine with a 4.5ltr Oldsmobile V8.

Since 1967, Roger Nathan has been building, modifying and developing sports cars, with notable vehicles including the Astra Climax, the Nathan GT and the Nathan Hillman GT. Impressively he was always ahead of the curve when it came to developing vehicles and using ingenuity to build the best on the circuit.

Roger Nathan is available to speak at conferences, racing events and dinners about his racing experience, tuning abilities, developer profile or his total of 29 international and national lap records. An incredibly well-respected legend of the industry, Nathan is an ideal choice as a speaker to engage and entertain guests, with his vast history in the sport, there truly is no one quite as special as Roger Nathan to have at your event.

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Topics Roger is known to cover include:

  • Professional Motorsports
  • Tuning Cars
  • Building Vehicles
  • Being Inventive
  • Drive & Determination