Karl Lillrud

Online Growth Mentor, Best Selling Author, World Top 50 E-Commerce Speaker & World Top 30 E-Commerce Influencer

The Better Business Book

The Better Business Book

Hacking Your Destiny

Hacking Your Destiny

Organizing Amazing Speaker Events

Organizing Amazing Speaker Events

How to hire Karl Lillrud

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Karl's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • The Future of E-Commerce - Addressing the topic of how retail and e-commerce will look like in the coming years. Post COVID-19 and with younger generations with new consumer behaviour and expectations change the requirements for the industry.

  • How to Increase Sales Online - With a track record of increasing conversion for global companies by more than 300% and conversion optimizing over 1000 e-commerce sites globally.

  • Consumer Behaviour - Founding the very first interior design store in the Nordic countries back in 2001, Karl had the opportunity to understand consumers at a grassroots stage, where the behaviour model was diverse and with a low level of experience. Since then the world has changed, and Karl has stayed at the forefront of innovation and will inspire you to do the same to drive your business rather than having it follow the leaders and competitors

  • E-Commerce Post Covid-19 - We have seen an amazing development in the reach for online business as a result of our limited movement due to Covid-19. Many online companies are now preparing for the backlash of extreme growth and high cash flow. Karl will show you how to prepare to keep that growth rather than preparing for the backlash.

  • Less Traffic= More Sales - Sounds impossible, some might say, but Karl made it possible for many of the companies he has worked with, by understanding converting traffic and distracting data.

  • Understanding Window Shopping - Why we see on an average about 3% conversion online, while not all are window shoppers. How to segment your visitors to find tagger groups and hack the conversion formula.

Karl is often booked as a speaker for a range of corporate events, read his latest feedback below. 

"Karl was a fantastic speaker with a great presence, packing out the room with an attendance of over 90% capacity" - Sam, eCommerce Expo London

"Karl Lillrud is truly an amazing inspirational speaker on many different topics around eCommerce. His range of knowledge of eCommerce is second to none and Karl's input into the event went beyond the call of duty. He's not only a complete professional, but to work with him was a great experience. The feedback we received from the audience on the day and the other companies who participated in eCommerce expo Ireland was extremely positive. Karl's also one of the nicest guys I've met in my 20+ years of business! If you are considering working with him, I would highly recommend him" - Stephen, E-Commerce eXpo Dublin

"Karl has been an amazing help and guidance. He's great with communication and it's amazing how he's always stayed in focus and so calmed, even when he had so many open fronts. If there is someone I look up to for inspiration, that is Karl" - Elena 

"Karl is a very likeable person who has the ability to humbly get people to take their next step without remorse. If you are looking for a talented speaker who can happily choose Karl" - Peder, Education Leader, Jensen Education

"Karl gives you a holistic overview of the entire e-commerce landscape to better understand how to operate more efficiently" - Peter, E-Commerce Expert, MatHem.se

"Extremely informative for anyone in the e-commerce landscape, takes the time to explain further when needed. Huge + for the pedagogy!" - Boris, Tech Specialist, Urkund 

"Karl addressed various topics with real-life experiences and anecdotes, making it easy to acknowledge and relate to" - Chiryne, E-Commerce Expert, Jensen 

  • Named as one of the World's Top 30 Motivational Speakers for 2022 by Global Gurus
  • ​​​​​​Named as one of the World's Top 50 Ecommerce Experts 
  • Named as one of the World's Top 30 Ecommerce Influencers 
  • Named as one of the World's Top 50 eCommerce Speakers 
  • 2 x TEDx Speaker